How Much 'Sensitivity' Should We Reasonably Expect From Prison Guards?!?

Don't get it twisted, I'm a big fan of OTNB . . . But c'mon. Here's a story of a prison guard using hurtful language against an inmate. . . Which I pretty much thought was the whole point of prison.

While the struggle for human rights is real, expecting politically correct nomenclature whilst serving hard time might be too much to ask.

You decide . . .

Leavenworth prison accused of discriminatory treatment of Muslim woman

A civil rights group says staff at a privately run Kansas prison repeatedly have disparaged a Muslim woman for wearing a headscarf and ordered her to take it off before allowing her to leave her cell.


  1. So guards are supposed to be butlers and waiters?

  2. You have no rights in prison.

  3. ^^^False. Incorrect. Prisoners most certainly have rights. Don't bother with the facts before you post geezer.

  4. Are cattleprods sensitive enough ?

  5. Islamic women's call to dress modestly applies only when men are present. It is irrelevant in an all-woman environment like a women's prison

    If guards can't interrupt prayers to search a cell, then every inmate in the joint will claim to be praying when search time comes.

    Her lawsuit, and this article, are bullshit.

  6. I guess the slogan "I'd rather be dead than wear a rag on my head' isn't in vogue anymore.

  7. To all Muslim 'victims'... Whaaaaaaa!

  8. When you're convicted of a crime you do lose a lot of rights. The late Craig Glazer could even tell you that and he was in a white collar type minimum security prison. For security reasons I am sure is why she isn't allowed to wear her headscarf outside of her cell. All prisons have a dress code and prisoners are expect to abide by it.

  9. There are many things I care about by a convicts hurt feelings in prison is not one of them

  10. 8:47,
    Never been in the joint, have you?
    Your "rights" do not exist there.
    "Rights" are just lip service in prison.
    The poorly paid, small town guards are concerned about one thing: Their own safety.

  11. How Much 'Sensitivity' Should We Reasonably Expect From Prison Guards?!?

    The same as Muslims show their victims.


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