Helping Mayor Sly Pre-K Tax Scheme

One of our favorite pundits at The Star offers a checklist so that Mayor Sly can pass this last major regressive tax on the local working poor. Take a look:
Sly James needs to act now to get pre-K on April ballot | The Kansas City Star


  1. The plan is anything but "bold".
    It's poorly thought out, recommends using tax inappropriate for an education program, ignores the fact that the very people who might benefit are actually hurt financially by the proposal, and puts city government in the public education business, which is actually the responsibility of local school districts and funded by the state.
    Other than that, it's really well thought-out.
    Just another Sly carnival barker show to pander to another constituency.
    It's really too bad that Sly is so bored with the tiresome job of actually being mayor and addressing such issues as the murder rate and fixing the streets.
    But providing tax money for his amusement got tiresome a long time ago.

  2. KCMO always has and always will dream up new taxes for it's citizens.

  3. This was the plan all along. Get this stupid fucking thing on the april ballot where it has a better chance of passing because kander will be on it.

    There's no way in hell this would pass in november, but in april it should fly by. RIP KCMO residents

  4. What has he done about the water bill problem? NOTHING.

  5. KC keeps voting in all these new taxes I can't believe it.

    Wake Up KC you're being gouged for more and more money, quit voting in these taxes.

    Let's go throw some boxes of tea into the river.

  6. How stupid are people in killa shitty, this is from kcps own website clearly stating that they have 18 pre k programs already.

    About Preschool
    The Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) Preschool system offers opportunities for students 6 weeks to 5 years old. The Preschool system includesParents as Teachers Program, 4 Special Education Early Childhood locations, 3 Head Start locations, 9 Pre-Kindergarten locations and 2 Montessori locations.

    And you dumbass people will vote yes, why, because you are that stupid.

  7. Uncle Bowties future criminal/baby momma daycare.

  8. Amazon chief Jeff Bezos is launching a $2 billion fund to help homeless families and build a network of preschools, saying the “child will be the customer” in his philanthropy announcement.

    Slie definitely needs to contact Bezos and Slie will definitely have the inside track since he purchased many items on Amazon and left mushy reviews to try to lure Amazon to deplorable country.

    This will save KCMO taxpayers the pain of more taxes.

    Surprised the Star did not offer the suggestion but apparently the Star is pro tax.

  9. Sly should get taxpayers to fund a pre-k slush fund for his future career. A million a year salary would be about right.

  10. @12:09 The KCPS has the pre K programs but according to them Slie is keeping part of their money to use for his pet projects.

    Slie needs to release all the money the should be going to the KCPS.

    The city has no business getting into running the school business. Leave that to the people in charge of the KCPS.

  11. You stupid freaks will keep voting for more taxes even when you see yourself get ripped off you Hyde parkers are the worst stupid idiots


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