Hawley Attacks McCaskill Taxes But Mum About Prez Trump's Secret Returns

The latest issue of contention in the struggle for control of the Senate that mostly overlooks the needs of locals. Show-Me hypocrisy or a reasonable request for local accountability . . . Read more:

Hawley, McCaskill tangle over income tax returns

Once again, Republicans are raising questions about U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill's personal finances - or rather, those of her husband, wealthy businessman Joe Shepard. But this time, she's accusing her GOP critics of being hypocrites because they're not making the same demands of President Donald Trump.


  1. Typical repubtard politics. Hawley has no balls. Most reptards are lying hypocrites and he certainly is one.


  2. And so are you idiot no information just spewing words you can't even spell..

    Put up or shut up!

  3. Most Republikunts are paid by the Koch brothers, there is proof of this, to do whatever their master says. Word on the street is that Josh isn't even human! There is proof that he is actually a robot controlled remotely by the Koch brothers. Most smart people already know this. The robot Hawley will serve as a proxy for the Koch brothers once he's elected to the Senate. there's proof of all of this.

  4. A demand to make tax returns public is a red herring issue, on both sides of the aisle.

  5. 8:45.....replace Republikunts with Democunts, replace the word Hawley with McCaskill, replace the word Koch with Soros......you are just talking garbage

  6. ^^No, it's on Alex Jones and Infowars. There is proof of all of it. Hawley is a robot. It's also known that anyone gets too close to him, or asks too many questions that make him nervous, he is programmed to self-destruct. Thereby destroying all evidence. This has all be well documented.

  7. Ah. Alex Jones, now that is a genuine reputable site, just like the university of Facebook or google

  8. ^^^^ Or Fox News, or Breitbart.

  9. Actually. the problem with releasing Trump's tax return is that it would disclose either a major fraud or a criminal act.

    One of the few facts about Trump that is Public Record is that he and Melania have claimed an exemption on their State of New Jersey Tax Returns for 2013-2016 that is only available if your total income (from everywhere, not just NJ) is greater than $150,000,

    So either they don't make very much, or they've committed Tax Fraud.

  10. What does Trumps tax returns have to do with the Hawley vs McCaskill race?

    Absolutely nothing!
    She's only trying to change the subject.

    I like the Hawley robot idea.
    Make it happen Koch.

  11. The Hawley Robot is already out, and has been for years.
    It's called "Robby The Robot" (as a thin disguise,) it sort of wanders back and forth, stops randomly to wave its arms up and down, squeaks out "Danger, Will Robinson!", and doesn't do a damn thing else!
    Just like Haley!

  12. Sorry, "Just like Hawley!"

  13. This is literally a straw man argument they are setting up to make claire look good. This is an issue for a missouri senate seat and nothing to do with trump's tax return but they are framing an inane argument that is irrelevant to the race at hand to help claire out.

    1. Yes, correct. Claire was paid by George Soros to plant this argument. It’s in the Soros playbook. I know, I’ve seen it. I’m a paid Soros protester. This stuff is all out there people. It’s on Breitbart, Fox News, The American Thinker, and Infowars.

  14. Look! It's Howdy Doody and he's full of the usual repubtard sh*t!


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