GOP Olathe Cueball Continues Campaign After Election Fraud Arrest?!?!

Call this one good news despite an unfortunate mugshot and serious allegations against this low rent nearly rural candidate who has now earned metro notoriety . . . Read more:

Olathe man charged with election fraud will remain on ballot | The Kansas City Star

An Olathe man who has been charged with election fraud will remain on the November ballot, a state elections panel decided Monday. Adam T. Thomas, who is the Republican candidate for the 26th District House seat, was arrested last Thursday and charged with election perjury.


  1. This guy was trying to serve the public and this is the thanks he gets.

  2. When prosecutors are corrupt they will punish political opponents by hook and by crook. They will seek publicity at the expense of innocents. They will reward and protect their supporters who commit crimes. Mike Sanders has a long record of playing politics with public office. His buddy Todd Graves law firm given cover-up money to whitewash JaCo jail abuse. Report has never been made public.
    Helling and Kraske, especially, protect corruption.

  3. He wants to be a politician so that's proof he's done something illegal.


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