Here's a terrifying sign that Kansas City's new taxpayer subsidized inner-city grocery store is in worse trouble than we initially suspected . . .


We've head all of this amid just about every high-profile KCMO shooting, vigil, camapign kick-off and funeral . . .

The mayor even offered less enthusiastic anti-gun talk.

The chatter is bold but there hasn't been much quantifiable success in curbing local crime numbers.

A couple of choice quotes . . .

"People in our city, people in our community are hurting. They really are," said City Councilman Jermaine Reed.

Pastors joined Reed to tell people now is the time to speak up and call out criminals.

"Don't be afraid to call them out. With the greater good of our community is at stake, then the greater good of your home is at stake," said another Pastor.

The area near the store has seen its fair share of crime. In the last three months, there have been more than 60 violent crimes around the store in a 10-block radius.

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Developing . . .


  1. Second.

    If Jermaine Reed is leading the charge the you're f*cked. Most people in his own district can't stand to hear him talk. And if you're waiting for him to save the day. Be sure to pack a lunch and pull up a chair. Because it's going to be a few years.

  2. You heard it here first9/4/18, 9:58 PM

    Here's the real scoop TKC.

    The owners will dump this in 2 and 1/2 years. That's when their contract expires and they might actually face a loss. The subsidy is so high and the terms are so unfavorable to the city that they're basically being paid to run a loss leader. After that, I don't expect the grocery store will be able to stay open or they'll have to bring in another merchant with the same kind of sweetheart deal.

    Until that point, the store will continue to be a shooting gallery. So be aware of that before you visit. Obviously, during the day isn't even a safe hour to stop by.

  3. The bigger story is why the store choose not to have security on premises because they didn’t want to pay the high cost even though other nearby businesses have security.

  4. Just rename the store to Rorke's Drift Grocery Store and bring in all those South Africans that the ANC hates so much to provide security.

  5. So the fat fake revruns actually spoke out against violence. What is the name of fucking Jesus took them so long? Too busy stealing from their church members. Too busy stuffing their lying mouths with fried chicken. More concerned with renaming a street after a fat fake revrun who never once showed his fat lard ass in Kansas City.

  6. 10:46 is actually spot on . INNER city youth scholar's hood rats are GUNNA keep shooting each other's ass for Street cred and drug dealing turf no matter what . What is needed to control the animals is hard ass COPS that enforce the law and don't give a shit about inclusion and diversity !¡!¡!

  7. Reed- where is the dry cleaners you promised? The very thing that closed Bannister Mall will be what takes this store down. Violent crime will keep people from going to this store.
    This store is and will remain a huge drain on City funds for a very small number of people who will actually use the store.
    It will take another shooting or two and the operators of the store will pull out.
    When Reed says that "these people are hurting", this is code for the City will use funding which is collected from the City general fund to subsidize a very small portion of the city population.

  8. All you crackers responding sound the same. Ignorant as fuck. Better yet dumb as fuck. If you actually had a brain you’d see the issue is not even talked about once throughout the whole story only the symptoms. Those fat ass ministers and the black leadership in the community have given up on the community. There are economics leaving everyday, services, jobs, & goods. No one is making a fuss about that though. You only want to complain about the obvious. If money stopped getting in the leaderships hands then there would be a problem and things would get addressed. Comfortable people allow shit to continue as long as it doesn’t effect them. Crime reduction has to be offset by economic infusion. Not just putting money into the hands of the greedy fucks as traditionally done. But actuall offering an alternative to. Jesus died on the cross yet people still going to hell. So you ain’t going to save everybody. However you can change the culture of how things are seen and perceived. Cut us in or cut it out��. U crackers keep whining and complaining but continuing the same money pitch to the same esqued rip off artist. What are the results? Exactly, feeding the greed while those still in need continue to have to survive by any means necessary. Hold more mfs accountable then watch the results.

    1. We crackers that actually care about the situation are indeed ignorant as fuck. I am comfortable because I will never have to go near that shithole part of the city again. Just bulldoze the shithole hood and send their welfare sucking asses anywhere else.


  10. Funny, where I go to the grocery store is mostly white and some Mexicans bit we don't need security. Why is that? Capitalism fills a vacuum, if there was money to be made somewhere a private enterprise will find it. No grocery store should be subsidized at taxpayer expense. Let that store stand on its own volition. Will places in the hood fail without subsidies? Of course, but too bad. It is way, way past time black people accept responsibility for their violent behavior. Btw, why haven't the black-on-white hate crimes of Jonathan Porter and Jeffery McDonald been solved? Where are the "reverends" and "bishops" of KC demanding justice for them? Where exactly are their theology degrees from as well?

  11. Doors need to be locked 24 hours per day.
    When customer wants to enter they have to remove all face coverings and look in the camera and wait for flash before passing through a metal detector and x-ray similar to what airport security uses. Then customer will be buzzed in. Entry will be such that only one customer can enter at a time.
    No hoodies or backpacks allowed.
    Kids have to be on a leash.
    Cameras will thoroughly monitor the store.
    Armed guards must be on ground and in guard towers at the entrance.
    Parking lot must have camera surveillance.

  12. Economic infusion? Like the $100 million economic infusion a shithole failure 18th & Vine?


  13. This won't be the last incident it will only get worse!

    How long has Jermaine Reed been a councilman?

    Have you seen Jermaine Reed do anything positive?

    What has Jermaine Reed done for the community?

  14. Think how great our country would be if the lazy southerners would have picked their own cotton.

  15. 6:31, would you shop at a store that did that?

  16. How do you know that Jonathan Porter and Jeffery McDonald were killed by black men?

    You said the crimes were unsolved.

  17. Hey Reed: How about placing a security check point with a metal detector at the front of the store? Problem solved.

  18. The community on the east side truly needs a self imposed reformation and it can only come from within to solve these issues. This guy seems to be saying the right thing but it definitely takes more than that and a cultural change that leads to two parent families and a culture that legitimately wants to punish those who bring violence to the community

  19. 10:34 pm - Zulu! One of my favorite movies.

    But you made a mistake, it was the English and not the Boers who defended Rorke's Drift.

  20. Has the City given this back to Don Maxwell yet? That's the real story here.

  21. Reed is a pathetic member of the City Council. He somehow has convinced the Council to get involved with a $12 million investment in a grocery store where the shooting has taken place.
    Now the City will have to make a decision. When the Grocer decides to leave this area due to shop lifting, shootings and overall violence, the City will have to decide how long it will provide a monthly subsidize this venture. Many of the Council will think, well we did it for the Power and Light so what is wrong with a monthly subsidy for the Grocery store and for that matter 18th and Vine...


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