Exploring Kansas City Urban Wilderness

Check this EXCEPTIONAL post explaining how "the Blue River Road annex in Kansas City can be seen as an example of a “new wilderness” that springs from abandoned or unused urban-industrial areas — spaces that might not yet have any official designation, but which people will inevitably find uses for."

Other than for dumping trash or bodies, of course.

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9.10.18 / blue river zone

Blue River Road is a scenic, tree-lined roadway that stretches through east Kansas City for about 10 miles - or at least it was until 2010, when heavy rains and flooding partially washed it out. Rather than repair the road, the city erected concrete barricades on either side of a .7-mile-long section and simply left...


  1. I ordered my new hiking shoes, designer shorts, neon backpack and mountaineer hat especially for this wilderness experience from Amazon. Will post pic's on my Instagram.

  2. These artists contribute billions to the local economy!


  3. ^^^^ Oh, come on - don't be so modest!
    You to contribute much more to the Community than all the Artists, Musicians, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, and Ordinary Working People who have ever lived her, or just passed through!

    We, as a Community, could not function with your insights and wisdom, and the helpful suggestions you make continuously are all that keep the Metro area from devolving into complete Chaos!

    Thenkyouthankyouthankyou, we all owe you a debt far greater than we could ever repay.

  4. More failed infrastructure the city chose to abandon rather than fix. The vibrant city with much momentum is moving forward.

    This road should be repaired/fixed and it would serve bicyclists very well.


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