Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting For East Side Kansas City Workhouse Castle Renovation

Every few years this property changes hands and there are big promises and news coverage hype touting the restoration of the ruins without many critical questions or an understanding of local history.

Right now we don't feel the need to share any of the ambitious pipe dream hype but instead want to take a look at the structure as is . . . Check the description . . .

"This is the abandoned Workhouse Castle in Kansas City, Missouri United States. It was opened in 1897 and close down in 1972. It used to be a jail and it has been abandoned for almost a five decades and lays in ruins."

Take a peek at great video of the structure from the "Forsaken Explorer" and her drone:

Developing . . .


  1. We need to build an additional jail and fill it full of hood rats, if we get rid of worthless Jean Petersucker Baker. Unless we get a good prosecutor, all we need is lots of balloons for all the vigils.


  2. I will remain anonymous here...I worked for the KCFD just shy of 10 years, two plus years at what was no. 11 fire stattion, 2033 Vine, the bldg. just South of the featured structure...nothing was done to preserve the structure during my two tours of duty, nor after as it is clear to see...of notice here, is the "public housing project just South of here and the fire station, that it was built and rebuilt and rebuilt over the years...those people simply "wore out" the facility three times since my departure...something to think about when it comes to your Federal tax dollars...

  3. Thanks for that, whatever that was. The fact that you only worked 10 years for the FD, leads me to believe you’re a shitbird. Go away.

  4. They don't build them like they use to.

  5. I like those buildings and think they're cool but I wouldn't invest a penny into something like that surrounded by the hood. Black people will ruin those things if someone tries to restore them.

    1. Yes, the blacks ruin everything.

  6. East side workhouse ... wouldn’t that be an oxymoron?

  7. Truck driver story. Funny that there is not one word about how poorly autombile and motorcycle operators drive. My experience is that truck drivers get a short shrift in articles about safety equipment. But I personally know many guys with over a million miles of safe driving each. Pardon the pun but that does not happen by accident. How many auto drivers can claim a half million miles without an accident? Is that crickets I hear? Not all truck drivers are angels but hardly any auto drivers are.

  8. all of you are obviosuly racially predjudiced to a notable degree, and i hate you all and i hope you go to hell


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