Does Tony G Deserve The Hall Of Fame???

Obviously a beloved local hero but let's look at it objectively . . . He never won a Super Bowl. His playoff success was EXTREMELY limited. Most of his impressive stats were earned in non-competitive games where the Chiefs were either spoilers or starting an early season schedule that wasn't exceptionally challenging given their miserable record during his years with the team.

Sadly, local sports newsies and fanboys are too scared of the Chiefs front office to even mention anything related to a critical look at the Kansas City franchise.

Tony Gonzalez Among Pro Football Hall of Fame Nominees in First Year of Eligibility

Gonzalez is among four former players to make the list in their first year of eligibility


  1. Tony G deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, numbers don't lie.

  2. Sure go ahead and put him in there like it really ever changes anything.

  3. He re-defined the tight-end position. So yes, he's a hall of famer.

  4. He is a vegetarian... he deserves everything

  5. He never won a super bowl because he spent his time with the chiefs organization.


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