Documenting Cost Of Kansas City Council High-Flying Faraway Junkets

A nice bit of 12th & Oak transcription does an important job bring up the topic of recent taxpayer subsidized trips . . . This is a great starting point in a conversation about City Council travel that usually goes ignored . . . Even worse, most of the trips don't even make this list and actually cost KC taxpayers far more in terms of returned favors . . . Still, here's what the newspaper can prove for now . . .

Why KC council spent $155K traveling to Cuba, Canada, Hawaii | The Kansas City Star

Mayor Sly James and Kansas City Council members have traveled extensively over the last two years, spending more than $155,000 on destinations as far flung as Havana, Shanghai, Hawaii and Montreal, city records show. The money went toward conferences, trade missions and lobbying of state and federal lawmakers.


  1. Freudian Slip Go4KC says...

    I don't see the problem here. You people are all so negative. Maybe you should get out more and stop posting about your city council, whose only goal is to move this city forward, and to do that we must travel to see how other advanced civilizations fulfill the needs of their constituents, like Cuba especially. We went to Cuba to learn how their government totally ignores the will of the people, saving them from having to rig, er, I mean structure elections so that a small number of committed citizens, some of whom may well be committed before long, are able to override an overwhelming vote of the entire city so that we can have modern streamlined version of 19th Century transit. We need to learn how other governments buy and subsidize shiny new toys for the wealthy while successfully getting the poor and middle class to STFU about crumbling infrastructure and especially about potholes. I am so tired of hearing about potholes. If I had a nickel for every complaint about potholes I've heard, I could stop sucking up to Sly and find a real job--maybe even as a spokesperson for a streetcar contractor or even an apartment builder who needs a subsidy here and there.

    You people need to chill, and just because you can't afford to travel to all these exotic destinations, stop complaining about those who can (at your expense). Go watch Matlock and call corporophilia boy and tell him you have his pickup ready.

    And leave the running of government to those who know (how best to rig) the system.

  2. And this is yet another reason why there are only TWO VIABLE CANDIDATES for Mayor, Chastain and Kander.

  3. 8:36 that’s funny shit right there!

    Too bad it’s true.

    Gopherkc is a complete waste of good hardearned taxpayer money.

  4. Scott Wagner tried to hide some of his travel by paying for trips to China out of his campaign funds. If you donate to his campaign, how do you fill he should have spent those funds? Campaigning or flying to China?

  5. Jermaine "Gimme Da Bling" Reed is obviously blowing through the cash.

  6. How else is KC going to support the claim of 25 million visitors if the City government folks don't leave and come back. Just like counting street car riders....jump off...jump on're two riders!

  7. Nice to see the Star being brave enough to criticize Sly and Clowncil.
    Could this be the start of a trend of exposing corruption?
    A long time ago, Star did thorough investigations of tragedies like the Hyatt skywalk collapse.
    Possibly, revealing corruption in KC would increase circulation.

  8. Tired of Grifters9/3/18, 10:33 AM

    Surprise, surprise.
    Teresa Loar one of biggest offenders.
    Star should check their back issues to find her abuse of travel during her previous time on Council.
    Just saying.

  9. Kickbacks and free trips, no wonder their fighting to become the next mayor and clowncil people, free money to do whatever all over the place, and if your traveling all the time then you don’t see the crumbling infrastructure and crime.

  10. hope our folks didn't get cooked in the microwave in cuba like usa diplomats.

  11. Step back from the aggregate dollar amount and realize that it's divided up many different ways. It really doesn't seem over-the-top.

  12. Suuuuuuuuure

  13. they should go on a fact finding trip to Venezuela

  14. 12:01: Would we notice if our city council people's brains were fried?

  15. Only if it improved the infrastructure!


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