Court Crisis Over Identity: Show-Me Fight For Transgender Rights In Missouri

From alleged toilet discrimination . . . To issues of equal protection under the law . . . Check the next frontier of anti-discrimination law:

Another Case Tests Missouri's Human Rights Protections For Transgender People

The Missouri Supreme Court is expected to decide within months whether state law prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. But the American Civil Liberties Union alleges in a lawsuit that the Missouri Commission on Human Rights has determined that LGBTQ people are not protected.


  1. Why should someone be given protected status just because they choose to be a freak? A queer should not get special treatment because they decided to dress up like a girl and suck dick.

  2. Aren’t we all humans with rights already? I’m with 6:49 on this one

  3. I swear I don’t mean this in a sarcastic way, but we’re approaching a time when someone may identify more as a dog than as a human and then it will be discriminatory if we don’t have fire hydrants in public facilities for them.

  4. The .03% of the population that is gender confused should take lessons from the 2% that ride bicycles. They get their squeaky wheel greased every time they demand something while wearing their tight little pants.


  5. These people need help, and yes I will discriminate against them they are very unstable and can't trust what they might do...weird and scary!


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