Council Dude Scott Taylor Pushes 'Revive The East Side' Effort During Weekend Kansas City Mayoral Campaigning

Credit where it's due . . . This politico goes further into the East Side than any of the other politicos in the outer districts and/or the lawyer interlopers.

The reality is that the East Side vote will likely determine the next Mayor of KCMO and everyone is working to win hearts and minds among voters in the inner-city.

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Residents share concerns, wants for east side development

Fixing the east side was main topic at a public forum in Kansas City on Saturday. "I'm actually a resident, I live off of Paseo. Issues affecting the east side are very important to me personally," said Michael Kelley, Bikewalk KC. People voiced their concerns about the public persona of their neighborhood.


  1. What a joke.

  2. East side got the BIG shaft this past seven and half years. Where was Taylor?

  3. Set the the east side outside over night it will disappear.

  4. @7:50

    He was serving up and dishing out subsidies like entree's at an endless all you can eat buffet

  5. "put more than 10 million dollars into the area"

    LOL sure no doubt that will spruce up East KC and make it competitive.

  6. No one but pandering electeds is going to "invest" a dime on the east side unless and until there is some at least moderate degree of safety of property, employees, and lives generally.
    When a worker can be senselessly shot to death on the job and there's no attempt by "the community" to aid in the crime's solution;
    When property crimes including carjackings, home invasions, and vandalism are rampant;
    When crimes against persons including robberies, beat downs, and even murders are daily occurrences...
    No one with any sense is going to "invest" their own money or put their futures of those of their families and employees at risk.
    Basic civil behavior, personal responsibility, an honest day's work, treating others with respect, raising children, emphasizing education, and all the rest may make a difference on the east side and all of that is going to take decades to take root.
    Meanwhile residents need to help the police get the thugs off the streets and out of neighborhoods.
    Anything else, especially another pipe dream of spending millions, is just throwing worse money after bad.
    Taylor's lack of courage, honesty, and candor should disqualify him for getting anywhere near the public treasury.

  7. Revive the east side with bulldozers and 100k one way tickets to Africa.

  8. Slie needs to cough up about what has happened to all of the East Side sales tax money that has already been collected. The city has been collecting it for at least a year.
    Maybe that is what the pre-K tax slush fund will replenish.


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