Considering All Things Kris Kobach

Quick round-up of some of our favorite stories regarding the Kansas SecState who will probably win by way of election gamesmanship and not because anybody really likes him on either side of the aisle . . .

NY Mag: Kansas Republicans’ Rebellion Against Kris Kobach Spreads

Washington Monthly: Can Reasonable Republicans Stop Kris Kobach?

Breitbart: Kris Kobach: Three 9/11 Planes Could Have Been Stopped by Immigration Enforcement

Helling: If Kris Kobach is elected governor, Johnson County won’t need a cap on home values

FST: How Kobach Stole Primary Using Voter Purging Strategies Against Another Republican

You decide . . . 


  1. Pour me another cup of Kobach, cuz it is the best in the land.

  2. ^^^ Nice tinfoil hat, Dude - make it yourself?

  3. Krazy Kris is right for Krazy Kansas.

  4. Please, please, please elect this guy Kansas! He will finish destroying that God forsaken hellhole. Come on Kansas voters...he's a big dummy who loves Trump,hates illegals, is a religious hypocrite, and constantly lies to your faces. He's everything you love in a candidate. Make him your Governor...i beg you! The benefits to Missouri when that happens will be phenomenal!

  5. This is the refrain we'd get from any republican candidate. It's stale and desperate. No one takes this shit seriously anymore

  6. Kobach will win and Kansas will be great. Meanwhile Missouri still has outrages murder counts that fools like Helling never address. Missouri is full of unaccredited schools but opps Helling ignores that as well. He is only concerned in his peabrain way of thinking that if Kobach wins he won't get what he paid for his home which is located in JoCo. Then you have the Washington Post the best democrats backing paper in the nation trashing a candidate in a state where nobody reads or cares what they say.

  7. Love the gun photo, he’s brilliant!

  8. Can we just talk about his sweet Under Armour polo, khakis and phone clip at his waste? Hopefully, topped off with a nice shiny pair of loafers.

    Eddie Haskell in the flesh.

  9. The press is comparing Kobach to Brownback for school funding. If Helling is right why didn't JoCo home prices collapse under Brownback? JoCo home prices increased steadily under Brownback. The DeSoto district actually had a mill levy decrease while becoming a top school district. Meanwhile Missouri has non accredited schools high murder rate etc. And peeps on here are bashing Kansas, wake up. More fake news. Jeep will look great parked at the Governor's mansion.

  10. ^^God, I hope so! I can't wait for him to get there and finish destroying the state! Vote Kobach! Please! Kobach wins, Missouri wins!

    1. In the KC area Missouri will never beat JoCo Ks. Too much Democrap losing to ever win. So the best hope you have for Missouri to win is Kansas to lose? Won't happen, but hey it's a free country, keep dreaming!

  11. Look at me I put a machine gun on ma Jeep, der... MERICA


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