Conflict??? Kansas City Police Commish Seized MILLIONS In Assets For Alleged Brookside Lawyer Killer Jungerman

A somewhat important update for hardcore supporters of this old-school dude in failing health had "nothing to lose" by allegedly targeting a lawyer who won a big judgement against him . . . Here's a look at the financial crackdown . . .

As part of the lawsuit, Jungerman’s assets have been placed in a receivership controlled by Leland Shurin, an attorney who is also vice president of the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners. That’s the governing body of the Kansas City Police Department — the same agency that investigated Jungerman in the murder case.

Nicole Forsythe, an attorney representing Jungerman in the civil matter, said the appointment of Shurin represents a conflict of interest because of Shurin’s role with the police department.

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After KC murder charge, millionaire's assets held by police | The Kansas City Star

Lawyers for an 80-year-old millionaire accused in the shooting death of an attorney are opposing a judge's order putting the suspect's assets under the control of a Kansas City police commissioner. David G. Jungerman is charged with murder in the Oct. 25 killing of attorney Tom Pickert in Brookside.


  1. Jean Petersucker Baker should let the old fucker go just like if he was a young punk hood rat. She lets all of them go free.

  2. She's right. It is a conflict of interest. And that won't matter because Shurin is a player.

  3. Come on... This is Kansas City. What could go wrong?

  4. You don't need much money in prison. So I don't know what the concern is.

  5. Besides the obvious conflict of interest, Shurin is not even a resident of Kansas City despite serving on the Police Board. That's the real story, but local media refuse to report it.

    Leland Shurin
    Age 75
    Lives in Phoenix, AZ
    Used to live in Kansas City, MO


    He comes to KC part-time by appointment to handle primarily mediation cases.
    He keeps a Plaza area apartment for when he's visiting KC, and keeps a vehicle here also for local transportation. According to Jackson County records he owns no real estate here.

  6. Living off the interest I see

  7. Shouldn’t we see if the old fucker gets convicted? This is Jean Petersucker Baker prosecuting this and she is worthless.

  8. What's wrong with sucking peter and why is everyone here going senile?

  9. Maybe lets see what transpires in court. Let's move this along, get it decided, then go from there. Meanwhile, a widow raises children alone. Focus on that, not on the fate of a nasty old man.


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