Claire Rallies Kansas City Kangaroo Vote

The Missouri Senator talks with the city college NEXTGEN tonight and sells them on her campaign platform that offers nicer branding geared toward progressives without very many policy differences from most moderate Republicans . . . Read more:

Missouri Sen. McCaskill Advocates For Youth Vote At UMKC

Students at the University of Missouri-Kansas City had an opportunity to ask U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill questions during a campaign stop Monday. The Democrat, who is running for re-election against Republican Josh Hawley, was looking to connect with younger voters, though several in the crowd were older.


  1. I’m so glad I chose Rockhurst over UMKC. The scarier thought is knowing how many times I had to drive down troost to get to class and somehow survivded.

  2. Air Claire is desperate if she has to reach out to college kids who may or may not vote depending on if they can put their phones down long enough to go to the polls

  3. Maybe she'll open up her Caymen Island condo to students over the holidays !

  4. Liberal democratic candidates are trying to get the young, naive, brainwashed, and white guilted who were taught to hate America, to get out out and vote.

  5. Ok so I’m not trying to bag on Claire but seriously....a career politician is not good for Missouri.

  6. Conservative Republican candidates are trying to get the old, stupid Faux News-brainwashed and racist idiots who have been taught to vote against their own best interest by their overlords who continually tell them it's scary out there and then pick their pockets clean.

  7. Years ago acorn group was allegedly collecting signatures for mccaskill. Mccaskill allegedly relied on inner city for votes.

    Mccaskill while prosecutor spent her days at j b nutter broadway office.
    Why. Mccaskill instead of stopping voter fraud allegedly embraced it.

    Folks seen the chessboard politics nutter allegedly controlled election board for decades.

    What does it gain a man to gain the whole world and then lose his soul...

    Mccaskill crutch gone that assured win.

  8. I am just so glad obama is not the president anymore. You want to talk about brainwashed...good grief these so called progressives are brain fried.

  9. She was one of the first and most loyal supporters of President Obama. She needs to get more credit for her loyalty.

    Maybe President Obama could campaign for her.

  10. campaigning before college students is fine but it won't do much to swing the real vote.

    it'd be hard to imagine college students getting inspired to do much in her case.


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