Celebrate Latest 'Open Spaces' Artsy Dud

The Kansas City artsy festival has suffered LACKLUSTER ATTENDANCE and very little public interest. Sadly the MSM has given the festival an inordinate amount of attention . . . Here's the latest missive for a sophomoric bit of American history protest art.

Take a peek:

At Kansas City's Truman Library, Artists Drop A Replica Bomb For World Peace

What if the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 failed to detonate? A writer and an artist ask that question at the Truman Library and Museum as part of Kansas City's Open Spaces arts festival, which has a roomy-enough sphere of exhibitions for various thought experiments, both the viewers' and the artists'.


  1. I hope the "artists" are intellectually honest enough to include the fact that the result of the Bomb not working would have been an estimated 2.25 million Americans and 12 million Japanese dying during the Invasion of Japan.

  2. Truman did not refuse to drop a third bomb. He held off because another bomb was not immediately ready and because the naps started talking...but there were plans to drop FIFTY bombs on Fifty cities if the naps tried to keep fighting.

  3. Artist make horrible historians.

  4. Who allowed that stupidity on the grounds of the Truman Library ? Lampooning history is one thing but doing so at the library that belongs to everyone is inexcusable and disrespecting.


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