Celebrate Boom Town Parkville?!?!

It's not just a place where dead Kansas City hookers wash ashore under mysterious circumstances . . . It's a favorite Kansas City getaway for middle-class locals who love antiquing and foodie options. Here's a glimpse at continued good fortune for this enclave just far enough from urban problems. Read more:

Parkville Going Big at 45 and I-435

Buckle up and pay attention folks. There is going to be some homework at the end of this post. Looks like there is finally some development pressure at the interchange of I-435 and Route 45. It appears that there is some substantial rezoning being proposed in the fair city of...


  1. I hope there are a couple of new places to drink and pick up sluts. There is an unbelievable amount of hot slutty married women in Parkville looking to get fucked better than they’re getting at home.

    1. ^^^^^^Hahahaha!!!! lol I!!!! That’s funny cause you’re do obviously a Virgin!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!! That’s too funny! Guys who get laid on the regular, don’t talk that way! Lol!

  2. Another developer give away by Slie but this time it is going to Parkville.

  3. Uh Oh Goodbye Parkville.

  4. Soon to be section8ville.

  5. Given Parkville is up stream from KC, how would Kansas city hookers wash ashore there, unless they are dumped in Lansing.


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