Amid Another Delay For Mission Gateway: Are They Just Moving Dirt For Show???

Credit to this Country Club blogger for following the same-old story of continued suburban FAIL under the guise of new investment into one of the longest running JoCo development embarrassments . . . Reader suggested news link to one of the few dudes to turn a WordPress blog into a (barely) sustainable biz:

Mission Gateway construction gets rainy kickoff, council to discuss CID delay request tonight

Despite the rainy weather so far this week, the Mission Gateway project has begun. Tom Valenti, owner and developer, said passersby can expect to


  1. How about a new Royals ball park ?

  2. ok, enough is enough, imho.

    there's going to be a turning point in the economy some day after which this project can never happen.

  3. Been kind of fun to drive by over the years and watch nature fight to take the area over again.

  4. I would read the story but that prick thinks I should pay him money to read his leftist shit. Fuck him, he probably voted for Davids. His shit shows up on my facebook page all the time he is a joke. LOL most of JoCo thinks he is one also.

  5. It should be a little red light district with drugs, strippers and classy hookers.

  6. When Valenti pays all the architects, engineers and contractors he’s stiffed over the last 15;years I’ll believe this project is real.

    It’s unbelievable how stupid the Mission City Council is!!! Where’s the Aquarium??? Guy should be in jail !!


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