WyCo Jail Inmate Suicide Sparks Lawsuit

The era of mass incarceration is still upon us. While the rates are declining, the U.S. still imprisons more people than anywhere else in the world - Combined.

The conditions grow more brutal at the local level where resources are stretched thin . . . Accordingly, here's one of many tragic stories from the local prison industrial complex . . .

Mother questions Wyandotte County detective's phone call after jail injuries

Earlier this month, Julie Blain got the phone call no mother ever wants. Blain says the man on the other line, from the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office, said her son, Donny Blain, was rushed to the University of Kansas Hospital from the Wyandotte County Jail with severe a brain injury.


  1. Just drown yourself in the toilet. Flush first.

  2. ^^^ you guys are fucked up. Thats my friend your talking about. And he didnt commit suicide... Thats not the type of man he was & if yall wouldve known him you wouldve said the same thing. So keep your fucked up comments to yourself


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