Will 'Woke' Voters Change Kansas City???

The answer is . . . Absolutely. With the best of local intentions, this local primary features an opportunity for social justice warriors to inadvertently raise local rents across the metro in the name of legislation that threatens to put more people out into the street.

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Board Of Elections: 'Woke' Voters Expected To Drive Increased Turnout In Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri, election officials are expecting a busy day Tuesday, thanks to an 11 percent increase in voter registrations and a significant number of absentee ballots already cast in the primary election.


  1. No because by election day "woke" will be yesterday's catchy slogan and replaced by something else as void of meaning.
    Maybe Cleaver will be successful at bringing back "throwed".
    That really worked well at the Democratic Convention.
    What a joke.

  2. I’m woke AF and I will be voting NO

  3. The city has been backing social justice Democrats and their pinko wet dreams for 40 years. Time for some hope and change ? MAGA

  4. I think white people aren't supposed to use the word WOKE in conversations. Why? Because we would be appropriating Black Culture. So, no using the woke word or any other word invented by blacks for the exclusive use of blacks.

  5. To keep arguing that rents will be raised because of this is extremely misleading and yet you continue to shill this bogus claim. Landlords can raise rents WHENEVER they want because we don't have rent control in this city. This is a very basic protection to ensure that those who are paying have basic, legally protected, standards in their apartments. Only slumlords are against this, because it means they'll have to fix up apartments to the bare minimum. These are basic protections in many cities. Quit trying to mislead your readers, Tony.

  6. Well, it's raining so that will kill the voter turnout. I guess I'll be one of the 11 percent to vote in KC again.

  7. Weird how rent controlled cities have the highest rent. A basic understanding of economics explains why this is the case, but the people advocating for rent control lack the mental framework to understand the mental concepts inherent in basic economics


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