Will The 'Kansas City Social Investment Pool' Save Urban Core From Losing Blight Fight?!?

Despite a litany of efforts to clean up and restore neglected property in Kansas City, most of the inner-city crusades have failed miserably or suffered from neglect as politicos moved on to more lucrative schemes in support of taxpayer subsidized luxury housing.

Now, a new project offers offers a slightly different scheme to lure investment . . .

Fund Aims To Restore Blighted Homes In Kansas City


"Kansas City, Missouri, residents have long complained about derelict houses especially in the urban core . . . A new plan underway has Legal Aid of Western Missouri teaming up with AltCap to form the Kansas City Social Investment Pool. This funding will enable contractors to obtain short-term financing at reasonable interest rates and allow builders to rehabilitate deserted structures into homes for low-income residents."

Developing . . .


  1. Click verify once there are none left8/17/18, 10:05 AM

    Everything is gentrification now. And Richard Florida isn't sorry.

  2. Many renters would love to get a affordable house to fix up. Problem is the natives in those areas are uncivilized.

  3. Strother Martin8/17/18, 10:16 AM

    Year after year, "blight" is regarded as an unaccountable occurrence from out of nowhere, like the weather. "Neglect" is usually the next key word. Blacks cause blight. No Blacks, no blight. Repeat.

  4. @10:05am
    You're absolutely right that Richard Florida isn't sorry.
    In fact, the gentrification, that he thinks is a terrible trend, has given him a reason to write a brand new book and get back out on the lucrative lecture trail to pitch his latest ideas.
    Folks like Florida are a perpetual motion machine and, amazingly, empty-headed electeds like those in KCMO regularly spend hundreds of millions of tax dollars on the latest trends, only to watch all that squandered when the NEXT BIG THING comes along.
    And by then, cleaning up the mess is left to someone else, but the debt goes on and on.
    The Pied Piper had nothing on these guys!

  5. The best way to rehab the urban core is to use bulldozers and buy about 120000 one-way tickets to Africa.

    1. Lol, now that’s funny right there!

  6. The minorities,with the means are moving to the burbs, with better schools WHEN the economy is good More people are making a living wage .Minority employment is at a all time low, THEY ARE MOVING ON UP TO THE EAST SIDE OR NORTH OF THE RIVER. THE EAST SIDE MEANING BLUE Springs Lee's Summit Missouri. How are you going to talk someone into a home when gun fire is going off when you are trying to close the Deal. You want your children living in danger.

    1. They’re also moving to JoCo which means the people on 135th are now headed for 179th. White flight will never end.

  7. Blacks thrive on danger as long as it’s only blacks doing the shooting

  8. These homes are not just in the urban core (Jackson County). They exist in the first ring suburbs and are creeping into the outer edges because owners let their properties deteriorate. We have many houses just sitting there with broken windows, overgrown yards, and junk piled everywhere for years, maybe for decades, and nothing is done. The city makes a half-ass attempt to contact the owner and shake a finger at them for their neglect. Oooo, that's really effective. No penalty for ignoring city ordinances, and watch the neighborhoods fail.


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