Where's City Hall Whilst Waldo Sinks???

Follow-up report on 12th & Oak contracts without many checks and balances . . . Read more deets constant local flooding one year after GO BOND infrastructure promises are still mostly unfulfilled . . .

City contractor questioned, again, in flooding problems

Work continued Wednesday to clean up a flooded business in Waldo at 8306 Wornall Road after heavy rain Sunday. Tom Turgeon, the building's landlord, reached out to KMBC 9 News again, Wednesday, after he said he had difficulty reaching a city contractor and its insurance company.


  1. A complete lack of management, oversight, and accountability by KCMO over these "infrastructure improvement" projects is completely the norm.
    Think the endless work on Wornall through Waldo is bad?
    Go take a look at what's being done around 18th and Vine.
    Quality control and meeting expectations are not in the city's public works department's vocabulary.

  2. Wornall has been a mess of a street for 50 years.

  3. You know these contractors are related to someone on the council or even the mayor right, family, friends it’s all the same, do shoddy work, get it passed by inspectors and once it’s done fold the “company” and then no one can be held accountable. These politicians always get their share of the money, always

  4. waldo is a nice neighborhood for the city and should have a great future because of its location.

    even wornall is and will look better after the repairs.

    1. Waldo is a nice neighborhood? You don’t set the bar very high do you?

  5. Another infrastructure cluster.

    Solution is to check the weather report and ensure new infrastructure is complete and working before disabling the old.


  6. Like the above post Waldo has been a mess for years and is obsolete. Wornall is under construction every year and never gets better only worse.

    You get what you pay for Sly, you idiot.

  7. Agree Wornall is currently a mess, but for one brief moment a couple of years ago--before Spire and the Water Department screwed it up all over again, it was a gem.

    But what the hell, we have a streetcar.

  8. look at the prices of the houses in waldo. not cheap.


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