What's The TKC Blog Community Doing This Labor Day Weekend Other Than Crying Bitter Tears Because Of Political Opposition?!?!

Usually just compile this guide to the weekend along with other stuff but it's important because most 9-5 drone bees will spend most of today watching the clock.

More importantly, Labor Day has a tendency to get violent in Kansas City and ramp up the end of Summer shooting sprees.

And finally, we look forward to weekend listicles because it reminds us that the vast majority of plebs in this town don't care about politics, culture, voting or anything but the next party . . . Which actually seems kinda gully.

Take a look:

6 Things To Do This Labor Day Weekend In Kansas City

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend with live music and festivals offering cultural and family entertainments aimed at putting your workload delightfully on hold. Peace and love? Check. Carnivals and contests? Check. A community vintage car cruise for the ages? Check.


  1. Uselessly bitching about petty nonsense?

  2. Sharice should just stick to eating pussy. I don’t think she is smart enough for politics.


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