Tuesday's Kansas City Death Scene

Today's corpse found on a local street connects to a nearby an violent crime investigation.

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Police investigating after finding body near Truman and Ewing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A death investigation is underway in Kansas City, Mo., Tuesday. Police found a body near Truman Road and Ewing Avenue before 7 a.m. Darin Snapp with the Kansas City Police Department told FOX4 the medical examiner will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death.


  1. Keep that momentum rolling.

  2. Will they admit that this was a murder? They still haven’t updated the murder count for the murdered mothers unborn child, why not? sLIE purposely trying to keep the numbers down?

  3. A Louisiana Negro Burned A White Baby Alive8/7/18, 5:23 PM

    Ghetto dog/cat food.

  4. Wasn't kcpd just bragging about the low crime rate?

  5. Remember what the Polar Bear said several years ago. U-Haul has a special on rental trucks and Omaha is nice in the fall. Get the fuck out of Killa City and hope you don't get shot leaving town.

  6. Wow . Oh boy. This is exactly why we dont need borders or Ice or any law enforcement. Lets all be happy socialists. If nobody works and everything is free nobody will kill or be angry. Because everything is free. Homes food cars clothes drugs booze sex whatever you want is free. The government will give you anything you want. Signed love antifa.


  7. But I don't know what to do. Are there any bushes in that area.

    Mayor James


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