Special thanks to the denizens of our blog community who recently sent a bit of local social media political hype our way along with the scintillating deets of the lives of local politicos . . .

First up . . .

The lead image features Jason Kander, Jackson County Democratic Committee Honcho Geoff Gerling and his esposa along with U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren.

They're standing against hate or whatever but also doing more than a bit of local politico promo helping the KCMO Democratic Party base gear up for November . . . Also, the Senator is pushing some silly idea to kill capitalism.

We blanked out Geoff's wife because she's not political and she's a doc who earns pretty great reviews for helping people . . . Also the "awesome face - aka EPIC smiley" kinda gets across our snarky point that any kind of political celebrity is a cringe-y bad joke.

Moreover, while Alex Jones has been expunged from the Internets, it's nearly impossible to get Jason Kander out of KCMO socials. I'm pretty sure I saw him in the photo gallery of an ex-GF I was harmlessly Facebook stalking . . . He might have been having dinner with her middle-class suburban family that's hopefully on the verge of divorce  . . . Which is weird because she lives in Oklahoma.

But I digress . . .

The point here is to offer just another peek at local Dems pushing hard this election season.

In fact, credit where it's due, Geoff skipped his honeymoon to work on local campaigns . . .

From a Jaxco campaign fundraiser presser:

"Last month, our Executive Director Geoff Gerling got married to his long-time love Dr. Linh . . . While it was a great event, Geoff hasn't taken much time to enjoy the memories as he was back to work 48 hours later keeping his focus on winning races in November. Time that should have been spent on a honeymoon was used to defeat Prop A, promote state legislative candidates in Eastern Jackson County, coordinate with state-wide candidates, and schedule rides to the polls on election day.

"We get that there is no time to take a break during election season, but this is ridiculous.

"Jackson County is one of the only local Democratic Committees in Missouri to retain a full-time staff member year-round. That staff position has made us the most active and stable party committee anywhere in the state and Geoff has worked hard for the past few years to make us even stronger and bring home victories in 2018 and beyond. The staff salary is funded from small donations coming from all over the region. Geoff's focus has been on the November elections first, his own wedding second and raising money for himself as a distant third.

We know Geoff wouldn't like the attention but we think he deserves some special consideration from all of our great supporters."

Developing . . .


  1. What do they think of spam? Will they pledge to not send any and to not support any candidates who do not make a similar pledge?

  2. It's an all spam diet for all media from now until November elections.

  3. Pinko's gotta pink by controlling the media like an totalitarian regime in the making.


  4. I like the yellow smile face myself.

  5. Ursula Haverbeck8/18/18, 5:03 PM

    "We Will Not Let Hate Win". If you disagree with us you're full of hate. Typical faux-virtue from the Synagogue Of Satan.

  6. Yellow smile face has a nice rack.

  7. Ah the mush brained left again.

  8. Now that everyone apparently has plenty of time to Instagram their kale salads and “like” one and other’s party pictures, mankind has finally reached the End of Learning.

    Vote Pocahontas!

    1. For dog catcher maybe. And that’s a maybe.

  9. Pander is siding up with the socialist fringe of the party. He is as much a war hero as Warren is a Native American.

  10. If the doc is that ugly why not photoshop a brown paper bag over her face. Nice rack though.

  11. In fact, credit where it's due, Geoff skipped his honeymoon to work on local campaigns . . .

    In fact, he is now divorced...

  12. Again, Pander, being Super Dem while he campaigns for a non partisan position. Note to Dems; Pander is not a headliner at your campaign events. No one that matters will pay to see him and it makes YOU look silly. He is using you to stay relevant. When the mayor race is over and one of the adults win, Pander will be a sad asterisk. Too young and lacking in gravitas to be a pundit, and too old to finally learn a profession. Womp womp.


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