The lead-up to the Jackson County Democratic Committee decision on their nomination for Sheriff is getting exceptionally nasty behind the scenes and turning into an all out political showdown.

To wit . . .


Now, most of it's garbage that nobody can prove but some of it strikes a chord with committee members inside the corridor who have more questions about interim Sheriff.

Rather than recycle nasty political chatter, we want to share these "themes" of what the criticism reflects . . .

-  More questions challenge the Chief's financial, biz and real estate background: Eastern Jack critics want more personal finance disclosure from the former KCPD Chief and they're criticizing his EPIC overtime and retirement payout from KCPD as cause for concern about the fiscal future of the department. This real estate criticism is exceptionally relevant given that sketchy home financing of Exec Frank White and the foreclosures he has confronted recently.

- Rank & File Resistance: Already most of the Sheriff's Department doesn't seem to like the Chief. This might be related to the lawman raising concerns about corruption at the outset of his interim tenure. Either way, it's fair to predict that there will be tension within the department should the Interim Chief assume control for a full term. Eastern Jack critics are playing up this very real law enforcement division.

- Too much influence for Exec Frank White over a local law enforcement agency - The toughest complaint from Eastern Jack is against the Sheriff Forté & Exec White political alliance given that they've both been endorsed by Freedom, Inc. and generally seem to have a good working relationship with one another. This is also the weakest opposition strategy but has proven strangely effective in sparking overall discontent among Committee members. Fear of political patronage might be legitimate but it's also standard operating procedure for the courthouse.

Now . . .

These concerns are doing their fare share of damage to the political reputation of the interim Chief but by and large insiders seem to think he's got the Democratic nomination (and thereby the job) locked up.

In the meantime, we can expect a great deal of vitriol and tough talk as the DEMOCRATIC VOTE WAS STRIPPED AWAY FROM VOTERS BY WAY OF AN ELECTION LAWSUIT and the ensuing decision that now rests with a committee that was formerly dominated by a convicted felon and all of his associates who remain intimately involved in the organization.

Developing . . . 


  1. Okay TKC, you say that the Chief has the job locked up but the questions that you're talking about deserve to be answered by both candidates. That's why the committee needs to give Mike Rogers a fair shot.

    That is not what is happening now.

  2. There's serious questions that need to be answered about KCPD Chief. Murder and drug overdoses spike under Forte's reign. There's a lot of money spent on technology like shot spotters that have not proven to be functioning.

  3. Daily Clown Show

  4. Those eastern Jackson County lawyers can get you the bet "deals", if you know what I mean. wink wink

  5. I'm sure we'll get all the facts via social media and internet news.

  6. Why is everybody so down on Sheriff Forte?
    He hasn't done anything since he took over.

  7. Forte has years of management in a professional police department. Rogers is part of the good old boy sheriff's department culture that has lead to bad outcomes and he has no management experience. Don't listen to the unspoken anti-black racist arguments against Forte because that is all it is. When the two candidates are evaluated based on experience and the potential to lead the sheriff's department to a more professional and non-corrupt police force, there is no question that Forte is the correct choice.

    1. Sorry, no. Forte doesn't get to hide behind the race card. At the most generous, he's a tempermental exploiter of administrative benefits and a terrible leader.

  8. 12:13 Bwahahahahahahahahaha.

    Forte definitely has years of management experience. He managed to make nearly the entire line and staff hate working at the KCPD. He managed to amass half a million in overtime pay without ever doing much of anything. He managed to keep his work calendar and work schedule the best kept secret in town. He managed to get paid over $250,000 (counting his phony overtime) per year without ever actually doing anything. Its rumored he spent most of time out managing his lady friends or riding around on a police motorcycle "meeting" with community leaders. He managed to run off a lot of really good people. He managed to move so many people out of the uniformed divisions that crime is out of control. He managed to waste millions and millions of dollars in resources with his phony-baloney hot spot program and all his other b.s. programs that served no purpose but chewing up dollars.

    Forte was worthless as Chief of Police and he'll no doubt be worthless as Sheriff. But you go 12:13, make it about the color of his skin

  9. He's an extreme racist himself. He made it clear during his KCPD tenure that he doesn't like white people. He also claims that race is behind every criticism leveled against him, the most damning is how he fleeced the city for $500,000 in overtime primarily spent riding his personal motorcycle in the hood under the guise that he was "connecting" with the people. He has zero integrity and will do whatever he can to enrich himself at the county's expense.

  10. Multiple


  11. Obviously, the Sharp led Elect Rogers at any cost machine is still running Sharp is working behind the scene to walk Rogers through the process...What a joke Rogers was out there through all of Sharps BULLSHIT and did not have the Administrative Courage to do one fucking thing about it. So lets elect him sheriff with phantom employees who did not even report to the office and were still being paid, until a new leader was put in place from the outside. Wake up Democratic Committee to put Rogers in is yet another failure of Jackson County Politics.
    Do your due diligence Rogers was Sharps replacement Duh....

  12. Forte doesn’t even show up to work yet he’s struck a deal with the Levotas to support him. Guy did such a horrible job at KCPD that the current chief recused himself from the committee to select the interim because he couldn’t be fair knowing how bad Forte fucked things at KCPD. Forte was picked by White because White needed a supporter.

  13. @1:20 - I don't think Forte is any worse than most metro Sheriffs but It's just not accurate that Sharp is against him. That guy is way too concerned about staying out of jail to stick his nose in local politics.

  14. Wrong Jj @2:37pm. Sharp IS supporting Rogers and has been. Sharp encouraged him to run and Sharp is even calling county committee people to vote for him. It is no secret. Rogers is Sharp supported and controlled. Let's hope the committee people are smart enough to vote for Forte as the outside reformer and no more insider crap.

  15. There is an old adage that you they hate you then you are probably doing something right! Rogers is going only in the running because Sharp called in some favors. Forte is the most qualified and would fix the deprtment. A department that’s lost and in need of a purpose and new vision. If it wasn’t corrupt, then why didn’t Mills and Kinney take over? They know why!

  16. Forte and Caleb are working overtime on the comments today.

  17. He came from that loser police department kcpd where he got 500,000 in overtime, a rip-off.

  18. Your anger should be directed at the Mayor and Board of Police Commissioners who allowed a salaried employee to make overtime in the first place. That’s why you employees are classified as exempt or non-exempt!


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