By any objective measure, the process of building the new Kansas City airport has been an unmitigated disaster . . . And construction hasn't even started yet.

To wit . . .


Here's the latest bit of bad news for those who didn't see it last night . . .

The Federal Aviation Administration determined that Edgemoor cannot use airport revenue from KCI to pay for a portion of about $28 million in benefits designed to increase participation in the project by MBE/WBE contractors. The program includes such benefits as free or subsidized transportation, child care, an on-site health clinic and training components.

But it's actually worse than that . . .

As of this writing, check this quick list of reasons Council is threatening Edgemoor behind the scenes . . .

- The sketches suck and there's still no real design for the new airport. Also, the fountain that was the centerpiece of their pitch was nixed.

- Yes, there's a union agreement. It's awful for just about everyone and likely not worth the paper on which its written.

- Hurry up & wait: Council critics warned there would be costly and frustrating delays . . . And already this project has started out with costly and frustrating delays.

Here's even more perspective . . .

"Edgemoor is halfway out the door. I wouldn't be surprised if they quit. They'd actually be smart to run from this debacle before somebody gets sent up the river or ends up in the trunk of a car. What's amazing is the amount of sketchy deets already built into the agreement that will only get worse as time goes on. If by some miracle council doesn't save us from this disaster before the election . . . Don't count on Edgemoor keeping the lead when the new mayor & council take office."

To wit . . . The not-so-friendly skies of Kansas City have complicated another local vote as the new airport that promised to speed up local air travel is now mired in costly delays.

Developing . . .


  1. Somebody wrote here yesterday that the vote should be voided.


    But I think Sly holding a contract over everyone's head is now no longer a threat since Edgemoor screwed up so much of the deal. Definitely time to go our separate ways.

    1. You heard it here 1st8/24/18, 10:14 AM

      The airport is just a fancy remodel anyway. Sad to see how screwed up this thing is already.

  2. I do not trust this Council to proceed with the airport project. There should be a bi-state committee formed to evaluate the project and select a new contract.
    I would rather see the current airport stay as it is rather than trust this Council to manage the project.

  3. This is the future liberals want

    If this airport were such a model of profit then Johnson County would be smart to swoop in and put together a real proposal because the way this is going we're about 15 years out from a new airport that will turn out to be an overpriced and inconvenient piece of shit. But at least we'll still have 1 mile of a boutique street car since there is no federal funding for expansion. Good job Kansas City. Feel proud

  4. This is the future that conservatives want

    There will be no airport for anyone making $500,000 less. The airport will be for the makers only, no takers. Not that the hoi polloi could find the time to use it. The mandated 80 hour workweeks for $5.00 an hour with no benefits leave little time for travel anyway.

  5. The tourists from Iceland need this new airport so they can come study our crime rates.

  6. If there's this much confusion before the first spade has even struck dirt... beware of the future. Of course that's common sense so the council will disregard.

  7. Don't worry Sly will figure sumptin' out.


  8. ...about $28 million in benefits designed to increase participation in the project by MBE/WBE contractors....""...includes such benefits as free or subsidized transportation, child care, an on-site health clinic and training components."

    Am I reading this right? MBE/WBE contractors get all the benefits shown above PLUS Right to Work Union Wages?
    How ridiculous is that?
    We could pay them Union wages and tell them to stay home and save over $25 million.
    What kind of a deal is this for taxpayers?
    This is requirement by City not Edgemoor.

  9. Leave it to the unions to throw their monkey wrench into this and screw things up the way they usually do.

  10. Edgemoor lied less than the Mayor and Council did, shouldn't we be examining options to dump each and every one of them first? With the possible exceptions of Theresa Loar and Heather Hall, that is, they've been trying to warn the people of Kansas City since the first, but the City Trolls and other lackeys have been excoriating them on TV, in the press, and on social media from the beginning.

  11. James and justice lied, KCI died!

  12. The new airport was a cluster from day 1.
    Remodel/update the existing airport and save the taxpayers millions of dollars. The claim that it wouldn't cost the taxpayers a dime is false.

  13. If Edgemoor leaves the project there is probably some performance bond that gets forfeited and they can't afford that. If the City fires them then they can sue the city and get a big settlement for breaking the contract. Either way the Kansas City area is screwed again by S'lier and the council, the whole council.

  14. Slie and the council have their tit in a wringer and they are too inept to determine what to do. They were led down a primrose lane and followed the lemmings over the cliff. Edgemoor wins regardless of what happens and it is going to cost the taxpayers big bucks.
    Perform a chiefs, drop back 10 yards and punt. Guess they have already done that and failed.
    Agree with 1:49 remodel existing airport.

  15. ^^Blah blah blah. Shut up retard. You're drooling all over yourself again.

  16. First 2:05 is correct

    Second 2:05 doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground, unless his ass is as big as a hole in the ground!!!

  17. What a clusterf***.

  18. All the gullible people who voted for the airport should have to carry a sign that says "Kick Me, I'm stupid."

  19. Perhaps kicking Edgemoor out was part of the secret agreement with Burns & Mac.

  20. Second 2:05 is a city minion.

  21. @3:23 Your statement is a very good possibility considering how dishonest city hall is.

  22. is this all true? or exagerrated?

  23. The fountain was a key part of the attractive design.

  24. The city council had this backwards from the start.

    You don't award a project based on the firm or without a design.

    You ask for the complete airport design from the all the firms bidding. Compare those to the strengths and weaknesses of the current airport. Cost and timelines are a part of that.

    Instead, Edgemoor submitted a "concept" that they would deliver everything at no cost with no details. They were awarded the complete contract without even submitting a sketch. They are a glorified consulting firm that doesn't build themselves.

    They had no business winning this bid and the city council proved to be incompetent both the way they requested proposals and then selected the winning vendor.

    Sorry, but the generic political hits about left, right, unions, etc aren't relevant - although it's more than fair to lay this on specific people involved like Sly.

    This was sheer incompetence in process from both city management and private consulting.

  25. We're paying over a billion dollars to have an attractive fountain.

  26. Keep the Airport as it is build a second airport near where old Richards Guabour was FOR people in South Kansas City and South West and Central Missouri And south east Kansas. Many of Tonyskansascity readers were right before the vote.

  27. watch B&D get the contract now, again. no bid

  28. You would think (maybe hope is a better word) that in a city with a budget of $1.4 BILLION, the people "running" it could afford to retain the appropriate expertise to undertake a project the size, cost, and importance of an airport terminal.
    Instead they went with a secret meeting with Sly, Schulte, and Justus representing the city and it all went downhill very quickly from there.
    And it's stayed in the dumpster.
    If you've ever talked to any of those three, you wouldn't want them to get bids to so much as put a new roof on your house.
    Amateur night on the plains.
    The taxpayers have already ponied up millions for pretty much nothing and it's only going to get much much worse.
    KCMO=smart city?

  29. If you were in favor of the new airport and trusted Sly and the city council, you are a fucking homosexual faggot.

  30. Another slap in sLIE’s face, this is getting comical how many times he’s failed us, he’s going down as the worst mayor ever and that’s saying something after the funkytown debacle! Hahahahahahaha!

  31. Agree with 3:42

  32. no shakedown?

    why build a new airport?

  33. The beautiful fountain in a beautiful hall with no crowding, this sketch epitomizes the promises made about the new airport.

  34. How can anyone possibly be surprised about any of this??? The airport issue, just like that stupid streetcar, was shoved down our throats. The citizens of KC will be paying for these debacles forever.

  35. Lets forget about the airport. How can one expect anything except a complete failure and tax payer rip off with this group of folks in the Council. Lets get Frank White involved. Maybe we name it Martin Luther King terminal. Lets form a special committee of Baptist ministers. Maybe if we give the criminals more money they will stop killing...

  36. outside counsel should have caught this before the faa.

  37. ^^^ Yep, at the latest.

    Due diligence would have checked much earlier and not included this hair-brained idea in the proposal bid last year.

    Amateur hour.


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