The Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings

First, we look at some of the most powerful trends of the times on the topic of news, hotties and deplorable politics . . .

NYT: The Village Voice, a New York Icon, Closes

SunUK: Page 3’s Rosie Jones breastfeeding has left her struggling with sore nipples, says boyfriend Body Coach Joe Wicks

CNN Money: Newspapers get a break on Trump tariffs

National Review: New Poll - Millennial Women Are Skeptical of Feminism and Abortion

Fox News: Rodrigo Duterte blasted for saying rapes due to city having 'many beautiful women'

And now we offer just a bit of tribute to local power players and their victories this week:

Kansas City "HerSpace" Hot Spot Winning

They say that "HerSpace" empowers Kansas City women to do biz even better . . . And so these ladies deserve RESPECT for pushing forth the theory that flowery interiors attract new biz.

Verdict: No Debating Fed Judge Wifey Andrea Bough For 6th District At-Large

She launched her candidacy this week with slew of vapid social media high praise. Meanwhile, local politicos fear that nobody will be able to question Andrea Bough because of her connection to one of the highest local courts. Some might say that she seems "entitled" to the job.

After EPIC Court Win, Planned Parenthood Back In Biz On Kansas City East Side

Once again another abortion outlet reopens for biz in the urban core in order to offer nearby residents "options" that are all pretty horrific. Sadly, this is standard operating procedure, what's really messed up is that the news claims that the intersection of Cleaver II Blvd & Troost is now "midtown" Kansas City in order to obscure the tactics of this organization.

As always . . .

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people, trends and our times.


  1. It's going to be a fun council next time around. Without a really strong mayor you can already see them taking each other apart.

    1. Too much politics. We all know that Shake Shack is the most powerful force in Kansas City this week.

    2. Vote NOBODY for council in 2019.

      What have they done for us?

  2. ^^^^^^^ +100

  3. Kansas City has treated women like shit for so long they all deserve automatic weapons.

  4. Tony, you are such a deplorable person that you should run for President. You can join Rubio on the white nationalist ticket. You can work together to repeal the 19th Amendment for the good of the white race.

    1. The Winning Ticket!9/1/18, 6:44 AM

      Hillary/TKC 2020!

  5. Issue an automatic weapon to every woman who gets a checkup.


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