The Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings

Quick list for the late night offers tribute to local power players who influenced Kansas City culture for better or worse this week.


Interim Sheriff Forté And Jackson County Exec Frank White Flex With Democratic Committee Win

A not-so-surprising but still important win for the interim candidate and the new Exec offers a glimpse at a new regime finally taking hold at the Courthouse.

Council Lady Teresa Loar Takes On Right Of Way Hobo Panhandling Crisis In Kansas City

The fight against allegedly aggressive Kansas City hobos continues as a Council Lady bravely tackles an issue that everybody else was too polite to address.

Westport Bartender And Social Media Push Back Against 'Trayvon Martini' Hate Crime Joke

It's a tradition to confess troubles to a bartender but a nasty joke crossed the line in this embattled Kansas City party district not only cost a security guard his job but also reflects changing times in this otherwise insensitive entertainment zone.

And so . . .

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people, trends and our times.


  1. I think the Sanders sentencing deserves a mention. Guy had a greater impact on KC than most of these people.

  2. Donald Trump has a love child with cleaning woman at Trump Tower. More catch & kill revelations.

    1. ^^^^^^^^ is she from KC? Cowtown love child? Now, then I don't give a fudge.

      More kobach, more cowbell!

    2. There is also a Martian baby as I understand. Does this man know no limits??

  3. Americans who haven't drank the MAGA kool-aid care.

    Melania, Donald jr., Eric, Ivanka, Tiffany, Lara, etc.

    I think they would care that they have a sibling they weren't told about.

    Who is this child? How old is he/she now? Does he/she know that Donnie, the whore, is her father? Will he/she get a piece of the Trump Crime Family fortune.

    You don't care?

    We'll find out tomorrow. Enjoy your MAGA Fantasy, while you still can.

    1. Nah. See, none of this gets you even one more vote. I mean, aren't you the guys who said that Clinton's sex life wasn't significant?

      Anyway, this galvanizes Trump's base, and it's a sorry excuse for the electoral strategy you don't have. Sorry.

  4. Wow such a startling revelation from CNN.

  5. The hypocrisy of these blue pill beta progressives. “Oh don’t you want to know more about the affair”?! Gee, Bill clinton was the best president ever to so many of them and it’s a sin to bring up his sleezy rapes and gropes from Little Rock to DC. Sticking cigars inside young interns at the White House and now they are all about #Metoo give me a f’n break.

    Shall we dabble into the democrat holy grail of JFK and his big perv pool parties? No of course we won’t.

  6. For anyone who might wonder why KC is considered the heart of flyover country, this list, just like about every list of KCMO "power players", answers that question.
    And if this is the cream of the crop, what disappointments lurk beneath?
    The results speak for themselves.
    How're the airport terminal and jail projects coming along?

  7. Tunnel Vision Progressive8/25/18, 6:38 AM

    Butt hurt snowflakes are always melting down when people do not see things their way or believe what they say.

  8. And not a single mention that the State Auditor's Office has confirmed that there were sufficient signatures on the petitions and the Audit of Clay County Government will happen starting next year.

    We're looking at possible Jail Time for two County Commissioners and several current and former top County Officeholders and Administrators.

    The Star and local TV have no interest in covering this subject, since it is happening in the vast wasteland "North Of The River", so it's going to be up to sites like this to cover developments.

  9. Remember the racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright? He said that one of Obama's closest confidants offered him, through a third party, $150,000 to not preach in the months before the 2008 election. Later Obama himself made the same request.

    What I don't remember is Obama being prosecuted for campaign finance violations.

    Obama was much better at corruption tactics than Trump: Do all potentially criminal acts through third party cutouts, so as to maintain plausible deniability. Install your "wing man" as head of the DOJ. Make sure the shallow as a bathtub media are more interested in your jump shot than reporting and analyzing the news objectively.


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