The Kansas City Tuesday Double Take

An all-time fave hottie in transition . . .

HT: Kate Upton Boobs Are Growing

Peeps: Pregnant Kate Upton Shows Off Baby Bump in Blush-Colored Dress with High Slit

Even more importantly for our local discussion:

Kansas City Mobile Fire Drill For Students

KCPS school bus completely charred in fire

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A school bus for the Kansas City, Missouri School District was completely charred in a fire Tuesday morning. Emergency workers were called just before 9 a.m. to a school bus fire at 36th and Wyandotte. The first firefighters on the scene found a First Student school bus fully engulfed in flames.

Suburban Slithering

Overland Park officers are rounding up snakes, again

It wasn't a typical Tuesday morning for Overland Park animal control officers. Officers were dispatched to round up snakes in the basement of a home Tuesday morning. "Meanwhile in Overland Park, we are still rounding up snakes," Overland Park Officer John Lacy said. "This one was in a basement of a home.

Booze Powers Comeback???

J. Rieger & Co. buys historic KC building, plans huge addition - Kansas City Business Journal

J. Rieger & Co., which recently acquired the historic Ferd. Heim Brewing Co. bottling plant in Kansas City's East Bottoms, will spend millions renovating the 60,000-square-foot building to triple its production capacity and create an area for tours, tasting and events.

Golden Ghetto All Good???

Voting system is fixed says JOCO Election Office

Johnson County's election commissioner said Monday that recent problems with voting machines that caused long delays in calculating returns have been solved. The county had to deal with a lot of angry people after a software snafu resulted in August 7 primary races going unresolved for days.

Fanboy Hype Machine Today

Five things you may not know about Patrick Mahomes

There is a lot we know about Patrick Mahomes, the young quarterback who has captivated the Kansas City Chiefs fan base, as well as the entire NFL, with his rocket for an arm and bright future in the league.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. "Voting system is fixed says JOCO Election Office." That may be (so shocking that they'd admit it), but "repaired" would have been a better word choice.

  2. Do not trust the JOCO voting machines.

  3. Rieger Whisky is awesome. Too awesome.

  4. Alcohol pushers have done a tremendous job the past decade convincing people destroying their brain cells is not only good but healthy.

  5. Dem titays!

  6. Kate Upton is lovely, especially for a fatty with giant utters.


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