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One of our all-time favorite hotties is entering a new phase of life and inspires a quick glance at news appropriate for #TBT. Take a look:

Sun UK: BABYWATCH Pamela Anderson, 51, ‘to start IVF treatment’ to become a mum again

Guardian: The surprising truth about becoming a mother in your 50s – from the women who know

Indie IE: The rise of the 'geriatric' mother - What it's like to have children later in life

Closer to home, today's local news links inspire our morning news fam . . .

KCMO Tech Talk Sneak Peek

Techweek: Smart City Innovation Workshop builds bottom-up brainstorming

Kansas City residents, entrepreneurs, corporate partners, and city officials plan to come together during the Smart City Innovation Workshop at Techweek KC to brainstorm solutions to day-to-day challenges using smart technology. The workshop pulls into Union Station Oct. 8 - the first day of Techweek KC, which runs through Oct.

More Deets On KCPD Horse Play

Kansas City using scary dinosaurs to train police horses

During a recent training session, someone in a dinosaur costume ran in front of the horses. The horses backed up but didn't bolt. That's what police want. Sgt. Joey Roberts, of the department's Mounted Patrol, says it's crucial to know that police horses are "going to be confident and not freak out if somebody has an umbrella or is waving something in the air."

Winning When It Doesn't Matter

Kansas City sweeps Detroit with hit parade at Kauffman Stadium

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Adalberto Mondesi was identified as the Kansas City Royals' top prospect several years ago based primarily on his blazing speed, advanced defense and raw athleticism. The youngster is starting to flash some power, too.

Kansas City Hobos Work In Teams

With proposed ordinance looming, KC panhandlers explain seemingly 'professional' system

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- With Kansas City leaders set to debate a new proposal to crack down on panhandling, some of the city's homeless described a surprisingly organized system for panhandlers at some city intersections. "Yeah, they do 30 minutes a piece," a panhandler, who didn't want to use his name, said at a traffic light near the city's Buck O'Neill Bridge.

Golden Ghetto Forgiveness For The Troops Who Have Gone Astray

JoCo program gives veterans who committed crimes a second chance

A group of metro veterans graduated from a Johnson County program on Wednesday offering them a second chance. The program was started in 2016 and offers veterans accused of low-level felonies and misdemeanors a chance to avoid jail time. --- Tune into 41 Action News at 10 p.m.

Kansas City War Stories

WWII Marine cheats death multiple times, shares life lessons

A World War II Marine who cheated death multiple times is sharing his life lessons. Jerry Ingram later survived a deadly hotel fire in Las Vegas. We had the honor and privilege of sitting down with him as he shared his message for the next generation.

Kansas City Chiefs Football Tonight Is Fake News

Report: Most Packers starters won't travel to Kansas City

The NFL ought to think about scrapping the fourth and final preseason game. The Green Bay Packers are scheduled to take on the Kansas City Chiefs Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. Arrowhead Time, but a report published late Wednesday from ESPN's Rob Demovsky confirms Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, among other starters, won't even make the trip to Kansas City.

Pretenders - Back On The Chain Gang is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .



  2. Did any of the dinosaurs slap the police horses?
    Or curse, spit, or otherwise act like most of the "protestors" do?
    Maybe the horses need to be trained to step on these bozos' feet or take a nice dump in their faces.
    Horses have rights too!
    Where's PETA when you need them?

  3. Panhandlers have been doing shifts for years, why all of a sudden is it news? This article makes the media look like idiots for not knowing this already.

  4. ^^^Why do geezers ask so many dumb questions?

  5. ^^^^^

    Why do geezer haters not understand what they read and have a limited vocabulary?

  6. I have seen panhandlers do the tag team approach for years. It is rampant at I-49 & 150 hwy. These are not homeless people they are people that don't want a full time 8 hour a day job. They have government benefits and they do not pay any taxes on the money spineless people hand out readily through their car window. I do not give them anything. I don't allow them to come to my car. I don't help them game the system. They are worse than illegal immigrants.

  7. I have seen geezers do the tag team of one bad post after another for years. It's rampant on TKC. These are not smart people, they are people who are lonely and have no life. They have government benefits, but bore us all day with their rotten takes. I do not ever listen to them. I don't allow them my time. They are worse than illegal immigrants.

  8. Panhandlers in the KC area are pussies. You wanna see some real panhandlers, head out to Washington DC. They put in some serious work hustle!

  9. Wow Fox4KC. Some of those hobos must have an MBA from UMKC to develop such a sophisticated and professional 30-minute shift system. I don't have an MBA and I would have never figured out 30 minute shifts. Perhaps GO4KC should hire them to schedule fire fighters in KCMO so they quit screwing tax payers with their "switching shifts" to get weekly overtime pay scam.

  10. While I wish Pamela Anderson luck with her IVF treatment, it would be hard for me to have any sympathy if the procedures fail. Certainly family planning wasn't a priority during her peak child-bearing years, and her sexual promiscuity and Hep-C status certainly can't help the situation. I think she looks pretty good for a former hottie who has been ridden hard and put away wet.


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