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Daily Mail: 'Your breast is spilling over!' Victoria's Secret models get fitted for bras on camera - as expert reveals they're ALL wearing the wrong size (and points out exactly how to spot a bad fit)

Closer to home, these news links are also overflowing with important information . . .

Amusing Fare To Be Eventually Discarded Under The Roller Coaster

Worlds of Fun to build new restaurant - Kansas City Business Journal

Worlds of Fun is adding what it says is the park's largest restaurant - with seating for more than 300. The Kansas City theme park said it soon will break ground on Boathouse Grill. The 9,000-square-foot restaurant, to be located in the park's Americana section, will offer porch-style seating and a patio.

Mayor Sly Tax Talk Today
Kansas City mayor to make controversial Pre-K tax announcement Friday
To Protect Picnic Baskets

Efforts underway to hire Park Rangers for KCMO

Last year, Kansas City Parks and Recreation took a comprehensive look at its safety plan after a series of violent crimes, including murders around trails in south Kansas City, and decided to restart the the park rangers program, which was shut down two decades ago amid budget cuts.

KCMO Confrontation Aftermath

3 arrested after standoff near 45th and Tracy

Three people have been arrested after a standoff with police in Kansas City early Friday morning.

Sound Of Local Tribute

Kansas City remembers the 'Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Music legend Aretha Franklin died Thursday in her Detroit home at the age of 76 after battling pancreatic cancer. Her world-famous songs included "Natural Woman," "I Say a Little Prayer," "Think," "Chain of Fools" and "Respect." People were certainly showing the "Queen of Soul" plenty of respect Thursday.

Secret KCMO Captivity

Kansas City Zoo's rhino with vitiglio can't be on display | The Kansas City Star

Visitors to the Kansas City Zoo may spot Werikhe the rhinoceros doing his thing out in the African plain, or maybe newcomers Zuri and Ruka having their turn out in the open. But there is another, mystery rhino that the public never sees and the zoo rarely talks about.

JoCo Consumer Alert

Olathe family's minivan catches fire while driving; not covered by warranty

An Olathe family says they are disappointed in Toyota's final response to a fire which totaled their 2017 Sienna minivan. "I have a warranty! It's supposed to be under warranty," Janna Klinkhardt said. Toyota says the fire is not covered under that bumper to bumper warranty because they can't find any defect.

The McTavish Weekend List

6 'Whatever Happened To?' Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

They come and they go, these things that put smiles on our faces and springs in our steps. And sometimes...they come back. While I have no idea whatever happened to my childhood snow sled (sniff), this weekend proposes rewarding access to things that went away, but won't stay in the past.

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  1. “But if it's just a complaint and no solution, and it doesn't move the needle, then I'm not so interested in listening.”

    Sad that Slie does not have an open mind to the pros and cons about the new slush fund he wants for city hall.

    The schools are correct in that they get shafted when the city controls their money.

    As a side note there have been several good alternatives posted on TKC but again they do not fit city hall narrative and group think.

  2. Ethnic enrichment festival, means lock your car, care your money in a front pocket and do not make eye contact with a local urban youth. Have fun !!!!

  3. The Mayor is probably going to announce that he is diverting funds from the Fire Department's budget to fund his "Pre-K Plan", so if you want the firemen to show up when your house is burning, then you'd better vote FOR the Sales Tax!


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