Stressing Over Kansas City Police

Important insights into career risks and the constant reminder that having an important job will probably ruin every other aspect of your life.

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How Should Police Officers Combat Stress?

Clinical psychotherapist Pat Hinkle was a police officer for 30 years before starting his counseling practice to help other officers work through stress and trauma. During his time as an officer, Hinkle recognized that there was a disconnect between police departments' understanding of mental health and counselors' understanding of officers' experience of stress.


  1. "everything not in the field is a specialty" Seriously. Field work is a specialty as well. Everyone starts in the field. Some make a great field officer some don't. You take someone whose been out of the field for a little while, he or she will need to be re-trained. NO different than someone going to a new position,there is training involved. Department members need to lose the word "Specialized unit" it goes to peoples heads that they are better than the field officer who is handling the bulk of the work

  2. sneaky mthr fckr=specialty

  3. shut up & listen = speciality


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