Solar Power Costs Meth Town Big Bucks

Don't get it twisted . . . Our blog community loves alternative fuel sources and new science, but sadly local effort seems like a big of an expensive garbage fire . . . Read more:

Independence to lose $15 million over 25 years on solar farm project

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An analysis by Independence Power & Light suggests the city will lose millions of dollars paying for its solar energy project. On Thursday, IPL presented the analysis to the Public Utilities Advisory Board. The analysis showed the city is projected to lose more than $15 million dollars over the course of 25 years.


  1. KKK FROM RAYTOWN8/24/18, 8:58 AM

    God damn, solar bullshit. Free solar for getting a tan is good. The rest sucks, fuckin snowflakes.

  2. looks like VanCamp has been attending K C council study sessions

  3. This should surprise no one and the taxpayers are left holding the bag.
    Meth town taking after KCMO in screwing the taxpayers.

  4. Surely there is a way Independence can capitalize on its national reputation as Meth Town, USA. Doesn't meth burn? Can't it replace coal? Can meth fuel a Ford? Let's find alternative uses for meth.

  5. The councilman that orchestrated this mess should be voted out of office and sent a bill to pay for it.

  6. You mean you're trusting a study done by the Power Company that says getting your power from another source is going to lose you money?

    Is the Power company going to guarantee that their rates are not going to increase over that 25 year period?

    Wonder what an unbiased study would say?

  7. 600,000 a year is still far cheaper than power and light district. They will never be as good at throwing money away as killa shitty is

  8. Lay this fiasco at the feet of the mayor. LEED certified utilities building, a major expense. The original solar farm leased by the city on property own by the company that installed the farm in the first place. They didn’t give the workers decent wages. Picked off craigslist. Then the city can buy it after a few years when the system is obsolete and in need of repairs. MC power is laughing all the way to the bank. Kudos to the city for buying the golf course to avoid subsidized housing but MC power got their greedy hands in it again. It’s a major eyesore, good luck from keeping getting the farm getting vandalized.


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