Show-Me Union Death Despite Missouri Win

Voters pushed back an effort that would have all but obliterated organized labor in Missouri . . . But the victory in a tense flyover country battle won't reverse the overall success of corporate war on collective bargaining.

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Missouri's Labor Victory Won't Reverse the Decline of Unions

In positioning the vote as a milestone, Trumka is surely being self-serving, but he is hardly alone. The defeat of Proposition A is a defensive move-meant to maintain the status quo rather than actually make it any easier for workers to unionize. Still, it carried symbolic weight.


  1. It's over from the Business Unions. Labor has no choice but to organize industrially!

  2. Unions are outdated. They are just another wing if the DNC. I work in a union shop IBEW local 53 90 percent of us voted TRUMP. And we will in 2020


  3. Democrat greedy union slob honchos spent $16 million of their workers money to keep their scam going.

  4. There's a growing dislike of union leadership by rank and file with union bosses, especially in the transportation industries. Railroad rank and file got it broke off in the ass so bad this new contract many question the use for the unions at all.

    Between the lack of results in bargaining and leadership being so far in the tank for every social justice utopian agenda of the Democrats union rank and file are getting sick and tired of being forgotten. It used to be the Democrats would at least remember to kiss our asses around election time but anymore they're too busy kissing the asses of every social justice whackjob group to be bothered with labor.


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