Show-Me Union Comeback After Missouri Win

A glimpse at labor looking to ride the current wave of American populism seized upon by Prez Trump.

Money quote:

Americans’ views on unions hit a 14-year high last year, reaching 61 percent approval, just above its historical average in recent decades. That marks a distinct turnaround since the Great Recession almost a decade ago, when approval hit an all-time low of 48 percent amid job cuts, a contracting economy and the government bailout of U.S. automakers.

Even Republican support for unions is on the rise, from a low of 26 percent in 2011 to last year’s 42 percent . . .

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Unions see Missouri win as red state watershed

Unions are looking at their recent lopsided ballot measure win in deep red Missouri as a watershed moment, and a sign of victories to come. The Missouri vote last week to overturn a "right-to-work" law restricting unions follows a string of successful red-state protests on teachers wages in recent months.


  1. Making decent money as a high school grad blue collar worker is hard without a union. Eat the rich.


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