Show-Me 'Clean Missouri' Conspiracy?!?!

We've run upbeat stories on this effort, so here's a bit of fair play to help balance out our coverage . . .

JNT: Missouri Chamber files second lawsuit against Clean Missouri proposal

Along with complaints about Missouri's Constitution, there's a couple of noteworthy allegations from the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry . . .

- Lawyers wrote, the redistricting changes would mandate “that state legislative districts be drawn based on total population, including illegal immigrants and felons,” and the new districts would “be designed to achieve ‘partisan fairness’ and ‘competitiveness’ as defined” by the proposed amendment.

- “Amendment 1 is an attempt by billionaire activist George Soros to tinker with Missouri’s Constitution and redraw the lines that define how Missouri is divided into state House and Senate districts.

While state biz people calling out the "favorite boogeyman of the right" doesn't encourage much respect for their financial skills, there's a worthwhile political debate regarding this "reform" effort that's far more serious than low-rent conspiracy theories.

Developing . . .


  1. Soros is trying to overturn the balance brought to this State by the GOP's "Project Redmap" twelve years ago.

    The Democrats are completely opposed to the concept of
    "One Man, One Vote"
    and its GOP Corollary
    "One Rural Republican, One More Vote".

  2. ^^Yep..and da cibil wars acomin'! UFO's are blocking all the infrared waves to jam our frequencies man! What's the frequency Kenneth? Trump is working behind the scenes to bust the biggest child sex ring ever seen too! It's all happening man, wake up!


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