Today the Mayor offered extended comments on the topic on the recent spate of gunfire and one of his biggest arguments was against Missouri legislation that protects CCW, open carry and gun rights in general.

Take a look:

Kansas City Mayor Sly James addresses wave of violence


  1. What a dumb fucker Sly is. Everyone in Joco carries and they had zero murders. Our urban core is full of worthless, lazy broke-dick, illiterate hood rats who are out of control.

  2. It's always the guns with Democrats. Take away guns, and they will use knives (like the do in London). Take away knives and they will use clubs. Take away clubs... you get the idea.

    It must be all those evil old white men with guns causing trouble again in the urban core of the city.

  3. Just let the hood rats continue to kill each other. That is the most effective policing Kansas City is capable of.

  4. Yeah Sly, blame guns. Don't blame the thieving, robbing, stealing, drug dealing, citizens. Don't blame the late-night fights at bars and restaurants. Don't blame the citizens who "earn" their living by robbing and stealing from others or selling drugs. Blaming guns is the feel-good answer, isn't it Sly? Gun control and gun laws affect a single segment of society - law-abiding citizens. Sly, here's a hint, gun control and more gun laws don't affect your target violent audience. They don't care about your laws. You have a people violence problem, not a gun violence. You are lying to yourself and constituents by claiming otherwise. Sly, don't avoid the real problem. Ask your constituents to join the human race. Ask them to get jobs and not rob, steal, and assault each other. Ask them to not break into homes. Ask them not to stab their friends and neighbors over lovers and drug deals gone bad. Ask them to be more human. Don't blame guns. That's a cop out.

  5. I doubt that all of rural Missouri doesn't even equal the violence of Sly's Kansas City. Must be something else Sly.


  6. Why doesn't Sly take some of the blame himself??? Like how he created the division by his resist bullhorn, and his cutting back on police to fund his developer cronies. How about his son? What caused his son to be so violent????

  7. How many ghetto shooters are using a gun they obtained legally or aren't already a felon in possession of a firearm? I've got zero and I'll take the unders.

  8. The Mayor complains that we need to "address poverty and education" and that, in combination with gun laws that don't remove fire arms from white people (Because, lemme tell ya, ain't no muthafukkas East of Troost, turning in their guns because of a shiny new law passed by idiot politicians.), is the problem.

    Total fuckin bullshit.

    The money goes right down the rabbit hole (We spend a LOT of cash on Public Schools, around 16K per student.). This article by Patrick Tuohey sheds some light on the corruption, the necrosis and the loathsome, administrators, politicians and their cronies who suck the cash out of tax payer pockets while lining their own and then, coming back and whining for more, JUST LIKE THE MAYOR.

    A few quotes -

    "The St. Joseph District is not alone in wanting to spend more money. The Kansas City Public School District has been putting "trial balloons" in the air for some time seeking to increase the taxes that fund schools. Many education advocates want to spend more money on teachers and in the classroom. But in Kansas City, the amount spent per student, approximately $16,000 per pupil per year, is already very high. The likely problem, as highlighted by Schweich's audit in St. Joe, is that the money is often not making it to the classroom; it is being eaten up by administrators through bad policy and perhaps even fraud.

    In his 2011 audit of the Kansas City School District, Schweich found lots of similar problems. According to a story by KCTV:
    The district could not account for $4 million in food costs and student incentives, repeatedly failed to competitively bid projects and monitor contracts, has excessive overtime and failed to properly oversee its closed buildings, the audit found.

    The state audit said a principal at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy made $58,000 in unauthorized purchases and cash withdrawals. Jamia Dock is no longer at the school and has been charged in Jackson County Circuit Court with stealing more than $25,000 in district funds. She has pleaded not guilty and the case is still pending.

    The Kansas City School Board was also faulted for repeatedly violating the Missouri Sunshine Law."

    The Kansas City School District has a desultory, frequently criminal and larcenous history, going back to the disgraceful, improvident and, again, criminal waste of 5 Billion Dollars in the 90's, in an ill advised, ill fated and ultimately epic disaster, where money was dissipated faster than an 8 Ball in the VIP room at Temptations on a Friday night.

    I really don't blame the Mayor, what the fuck is he gonna do?

    We are three generations into teaching our black population, by way of movies, programs, documentaries from the Entertainment Industry, that whites are evil and the "Man" is the only reason Jamal isn't running General Electric. Our politicians get elected promoting the same narrative, keeping blacks hating whitey on election day. The 4th estate, symbiotically adhered right behind the gills of this killer shark narrative, feasts on the left over black body parts not devoured by this apex predator, that is now, as it does, every summer, coming to the surface to feed.

    The black body count, is a categorical, direct line result of the Progressive Zeitgeist and the aggregate power of the Progressive media, which keeps blacks in ghettos, selling drugs from south of the border, while talking heads on MSNBC rave on about "muh Russia".

    This machine, will continue to grind up black bodies and as they exsanguinate in the gutters of our city, piled up like firewood, they count their cash and understand the culling of the herd, the quid pro quo, is necessary for their continued association with the swells.

    It is NEVAR going to stop and the anarchy and violence will get worse.

  9. The mayor has a doll with the same sports coat he's wearing??

  10. Come and control my gun, you fat lard ass lying cocksucker.

  11. Simple uncomplicated facts that a willfully ignored.
    In 2017 KCMO had 150 homicides, over half the number of murders in New York City, which has a population 17 times as large.
    88%+ of the victims were black.
    The percentage of perpetrators is unclear because only around 50% of the murders are ever solved, but the numbers are not hard to guess.
    The gun laws throughout all of KCMO city limits are the same.
    Willful ignorance coupled with cowardice are unlikely to bring any reasonable level of safety to east side neighborhoods.
    Sly and the gang have abdicated their most basic and important responsibility as elected officials.
    It is their legacies.

  12. If white people gave up their guns, who would protect them? Our worthless chickenshit police department?

  13. So predictable what sLIES response would be, blame the problem on guns and we need more money for the inner city. As usual these policies do not work throughout the country that this has been tried.

    Liberals want more and more of your money and its never enough.

    Unfortunately the black people in power are holding their own race
    down also you can't blame it on whitey.

  14. Sly is a FOOL! But what does it say about the level of the DUMBING DOWN that this CLOD could get elected?

  15. Chicago is a city that like Kansas City has a dipshit Democratic lying mayor. They also have the toughest gun laws of anywhere. It hasn’t worked too well, with 13 homicides this weekend alone.

  16. You can see this one coming a mile away, sLIE blames lack of education on the out of control murderous hoodrats which then leads to more taxes for education, chuck is right, in who’s world is $16,000 per student not enough money? You can’t force these kids to learn because they don’t want to and kcps likes it that way, the more money you give them the more money they steal.

  17. Well done Chuck! The geezer hater and Funkhouser will hate it. Truth just makes them crazy.

  18. Sly is a bafoon

  19. Guns are a tool, much like Sly's spoon he uses to keep his place in a bowl of pudding.

  20. 7 years in office of doing nothing about crime and murder and he comes out today and blames it all on gun laws, let’s not blame the real problem, nope, can’t admit who the problem is just blame the laws, he wants to change state laws because he doesn’t have the balls to tell his people to stop it. sLIE, If you can’t lead then get out of the way.

    By the way, there are only two murderous cities in missouri and sLIE wants to change the laws for an entire state of 3.8 million law abiding citizens because he can’t handle a few hundred of his people, makes perfect sense doesn’t it.

  21. Few hundred people, much like the bicycle lanes.

  22. 'Shoot straight you bastards!'

  23. Mayor James said “We know we have a culture of violence, of people with weapons, and they use them indiscriminately and there’s nothing we can do to take the weapons out of their hands or stop them from getting them,”

    How about asking the inner city folks to turn in their illegal weapons, instead of asking for law abiding citizens to not own guns?

    It's beyond time to be honest with what the underling cause of violence and high number of murders accruing in the city. Look at who the perpetrators are.
    Look at the victims. Address factual evidence when considering the action to take to reduce crime in KC.

  24. Sly blames Missouri's open carry law but open carry is NOT legal in Illinois and Chicago just had 72 people shot and 13 dead in one weekend!



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