More local concern about misplaced priorities as violence continues to ramp up as we approach the end of Summer and local gunfire escalates.

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KCMO gun violence up, KCPD numbers drop

An increase in gun violence and homicides in Kansas City has come at the same time the number of Kansas City Police Department officers has steadily dropped. There is an ongoing effort to add more officers to KCPD ranks in the coming months.


  1. But it's not about the number of police officers it's about gun control, just like Chicago.

    Are there any bushes in that area for me.

    Mayor James

  2. the only answer is to get tough like Giuliani did in NY stop and frisk...flood the troubled areas with multiple cops and unlimited firepower

  3. If we become a socialist nation and get rid of all laws and those pesky cops there will be nomore crime.make everything free no work all you want for free. Problem solved.

  4. Let me say this, KCPD has too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Their priorities are completely out of line with what the public wants to see on their department. How soon we forget that detectives failed to investigate child abuse and sexual assault cases. That wasn’t an isolated situation. That shows a much larger problem with the department. Let’s look at their Gun Squad. How many guns have they got off the streets and how many arrests have been made of those selling illegal firearms? I can tell you there is a great breaking news story there if someone dogs enough. How about the homicide squad. In the 80s that were recognized nationally for clearing the majority of homicide cases but now they can barely catch anyone. How quickly we forget about the construction worker murdered in broad daylight on the job or the guy leaving the 24 hr fitness at Ward Parlway shot 30 times. How about the traffic unit. They are good at writing tickets at the bottom of hills or in a school zone but have done little with reducing fatal crashes and pedestrian deaths. Then there is the patrol unit. Officers working short handed in bad areas often times with only 6-8 officers on at one time but KCPD has no problem hiring 24 new parking control officers to write tickets downtown and tow cars. With all that said, stop giving KCPD a free pass on doing a great job. They are not! The leadership has no clue as to how to combat the violence in KC so stop looking to them for answers!

  5. Chicago just announced that they would be flooding high-crime areas on the west and south sides of the city with around 600 more cops.
    Flood the area.
    Stop and frisk.
    Confiscate illegal guns.
    Execute warrants.
    Get the thugs off the street.
    Hand down serious sentences.
    KCMO government is going backwards.

  6. ^^^Hot spots in KC were flooded with officers pushing the homicides into Independence, Soouth KC and Grandview. If police were to get tougher, the Prosecutors office does not take any case that makes them work hard for a conviction. You need to start with Judges and Prosecutors wanting to put people in prison before the police can do anything!

    1. We have Jean Petersucker Baker the most worthless prosecutor ever in the history of prosecutors.

  7. Kcpd working? Joking right?

  8. The number of officers has nothing to do with the number of homicides. That has everything to do with idiots who have absolutely no respect for life, don't give a crap about accountability, and who cannot resolve anything without waving a gun around. Instead of bashing the police, why don't you figure out a way to actually help your community and stem this tide of violence? Of course that means you'd have to get up out of mommy's basement and stop playing all those video games.

  9. 7:56 right on!

    Call out the families, friends, neighbors who enable these criminals. They know who the criminals are who are responsible for these murders.

    These folks are harboring criminals and like you said "they don't respect life and are not accountable. Nor "NOT MADE accountable" by the Mayor diverting the attention away from the obvious problem.

  10. When crime goes down kcpd takes credit, when it goes up its the communities fault.


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