Ruckus Hide & Seek: Find The Kansas City Political Pundit Who Suffered Weed Arrest!!!

A fitting and hilarious conclusion to #TBT leads us to this passage from not so long ago . . .

KSHB: A Missouri lawmaker arrested for possessing marijuana resigned Monday from a Democratic campaign position because of his "embarrassing choices," but he said he will remain in elected office.

Rep. Jeremy LaFaver, of Kansas City, said he was driving home Sunday from a weekend meeting of the House Democratic caucus in St. Louis when he was pulled over and arrested on Interstate 70 near Columbia.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said LaFaver was stopped for failing to respond to a charge in Moniteau County of driving with an expired license tag and without insurance. During the traffic stop, the patrol said, LaFaver was found to be in possession of a marijuana pipe and up to 35 grams of marijuana.

Online records for the Boone County sheriff's department shows LaFaver was released after meeting a $125 bail.

And now . . .


We typically call this the GOLD STANDARD of local political discourse but tonight the episode was just a bit hazy on the topic of the local political scene with far too much navel gazing regarding the sordid subject of journalism (lulz) and nearly indistinguishable partisan opinions.

Still, it's essential viewing for anyone keeping up with the talk of the town.

Description . . .

"Mike Shanin talks to KC Star's Derek Donovan about the proliferation of fake news & recent attacks on the media. Cynthia Wheeler, Jeremy LaFaver, Ron Freeman & Woody Cozad discuss the final tally for Jeff Colyer & Kris Kobach in the KS GOP primary, Greg Orman's impact on the KS gubernatorial race, Laura Kelly's campaign strategy, the future of right to work in Missouri & GOP candidate Steve West."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. I like the show and this episode was even better. Mike Shanin is the real star and one of the greatest journalists in Kansas City. He does a great job in balancing the opinion. Still KC's gold standard.

    1. A collection of Kansas City libs with only one real exception. Such a shame. Did I really see somebody defend socialism on the show? That is a bridge too far.

    2. Orman wins!

  2. They missed their chance, they should have had Craig on the show. I'd like to see the panelists mix it up just a little bit more than going in order. They're really stuffy.

  3. Yes, this is an important show but why does the set look like a country & western store from the turn of the century?

  4. Listen to Woody's comments at 14:33. He has a really accurate and important analysis of business in Missouri which also applies to KCMO. He is right on the money and the highlight of the show.

  5. Diogenes Jr.8/17/18, 4:36 AM

    They all danced around the issue without ever mentioning the real reason why there was such a lopsided vote against the so-called "Right To Work" law. GOP Dogma will never allow public discussion of the fact that the real question was "Producers" (Workers) versus "Bosses" (Management).

    This conflict has been ongoing since the 1860s and is ingrained into the American version of Capitalism, and once again Democracy was upheld, and the imbalance imposed on the Productive Class in Missouri by the GOP hirelings of the Wealthy was overturned, albeit temporarily.

  6. Misread your headline on this and thought it was going to be a discussion of who had to be high on the program this week.
    My vote, as always, was going to be for Woody, because that clown HAS to be high on something each week, judging by the insane shit he spouts.

  7. Don't know @4:51, Shannon seemed even more out of it than usual!

  8. They should call it "Pinkus".

  9. Click verify once there are none left.8/17/18, 7:30 AM

    Mike Shanin talks....

    Clown show

  10. Tony is still pissed off that they made him sit in the back of the room to view and then he had to clean the building afterward. Once a janitor, always a janitor.

    1. Lulz. That's almost funny, but here you are reading his blog all day long. keep smelling those farts, love. I'm sure Tony appreciates the constant clicks.

  11. 451, you HAVE to have Cozad confused with someone else. He's the only intelligent, lucid, reasonable one of the bunch.


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