Quay Coffee Takes Kansas City Java Crown

They're pretty good . . . But I'm not sure they're the "best" in town amid a contest fraught with clickbait, hipsters, housewives, snobs, caffeine junkies and hobos . . . Here's a worthwhile ranking that realizes how serious this town takes it's coffee along with a controversial ranking:

The Best Coffee Shop In Missouri Is No Chain

KANSAS CITY, MO - Coffee is the elixir to survive early morning wake-ups. For many people, it's the only way to start the day. Losing coffee would be like losing an arm or a leg. Maybe both.


  1. Do they let black people use the restroom if they don’t buy anything?

  2. Are the owners car tags up to date ?

  3. Lefou Delaplate8/8/18, 3:52 PM

    One thing I wish it were possible to require in a review of any Coffee Shop is disclosure of whether or not they offer a cup of coffee!

    Most of us who really are coffee drinkers could care less about the wonderfulness of the "creative coffee drinks" (aka Hot Candy Bars In A Cup) the baristas can produce, and are drawn to that nasty black steaming liquid that gives the joint its only reason for existing.


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