Shame on Kansas City MSM for not offering more captivating content than this Internets profile . . . This candidate has earned widespread JoCo appeal but only the online community offers a DEEP DIVE into her thrilling lifestyle that includes some really diverse work experience as an MMA fighter that might offer her a way to scissor out a niche in this tight race.

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Meet the lesbian Native American woman running for Congress in Kansas

MISSION, KANSAS - Like mixed martial arts, running for Congress involves patience, determination, and the ability to fight without taking attacks personally. Sharice Davids, a professional MMA fighter, Native American, openly gay attorney, and first-time candidate made that comparison on Sunday, just two days before she will have face other Democrats in a tightly contested race for Kansas' 3rd congressional seat.


  1. She fits the liberal agenda: Non-white, a women, and the icing on the cake she's a lesbo.

    Hook her up with Jolie.

  2. She's got my vote!

    But can you really "scissor out" a niche?

    I'd like to see her try.

    She makes Yoder and Welder seem like a doofuses by comparison.

  3. Her idiotic campaign ads suing her mother's Army service as a plus for here are a joke. I guess if her mom was a criminal or illegal alien she wouldn't put that in her ads. Big whoop. She hates guns, whites, and America, and wants everything to be "free." She stands against anyone taking responsibility for their own health care and retirement by working hard and saving. "Give me free stuff!"

  4. ^^^^^^ Grandpa, shut up or no apple sauce for you!

    She has a hot body and she can roll around with other women in the ring and in the bedroom. That makes her more interesting than your old and dumb ass and all the stupid opinions you get from Fox news.

  5. ^^Hahahahaha It's funny cause it's true! LOL!!!!!

  6. Openly lesbian? How openly? Does that mean TKC trolls get to watch and whack off? I’m in.

  7. Ok, here is an potential Anti-Fa member that might not punch you from behind like the fuckin sissies they are.

    Float like a Progressive,
    Sting like a bee,
    Vote for me,
    And everything is free!

  8. My vote is for the rug muncher.

  9. ^^^^ Better than the "Mug Runcher" you helped elect as President!

  10. One reason I will not be voting for Davids has nothing to do with her being a lesbian. Hell I like to eat pussy too! What I don't like about the progressives most of all is that NONE of them have previous elective office experience. NONE have been a dog catcher, a council person, a Precinct committeeman/woman, on a parks board or water board or parole board or zoning board. NONE have run for city or state office where I think you learn the craft of becoming a statesman/woman. They all want to immediately jump into office as a federal official and get paid $178,000.00 a year with ZERO experience. They all want to be elected Santa Claus and give everything for free for Millennial's while the "RICH" (whoever they are) pay for their lifestyle. I started out with nothing and now I have stuff because I worked for it. Being in the Obama administration counts for nothing.

  11. "scissor out a niche in this tight race" Well played Sir, well played.

  12. I have yet to figure out what if anything qualifies her for this high paying position?

  13. Chuck says: ugh oh, five minuets to Wapner!

  14. Lesbian mixed marital arts fighter


    Drunk Sea of Galilee skinny dipper.

    No contest.

  15. Has she ever been properly fucked? How does she know for sure she is a lesbian?

  16. ^^I don't know, how did your mother?

  17. I couldn't care less that she is gay, but with touting her homosexuality in its headline, anyone who says Democrats aren't the party of identity politics is full of shit.

  18. A lesbian in private life verses public skinny dipper in the holy land.

    Who is the real pervert here?

  19. A Louisiana Negro Burned A White Baby Alive8/6/18, 4:04 PM

    Davids couldn't grasp something like normal, healthy (non-fetishist) sexuality, so why would she be able to handle an elected office ? And when was the last time an adult told you what their mommy did for a living ? Perhaps mayor of Lawrence but that's about all she seems qualified for.

  20. 12:10 is a solid candidate for stupid post of the day.

    "What I don't like about the progressives most of all is that NONE of them have previous elective office experience."

    Uh, like the president you voted for? Trump had ZERO public experience and the Greedy Old Perverts decided the presidency is a great entry level position to learn on the job.

    But a few sentences later, this kicked it up to 11.

    "Being in the Obama administration counts for nothing."

    So progressive Davids was a White House fellow and does have government experience...

    Pick an argument and try not to contradict it in the same paragraph.

    You've been hanging around Trump too long. No collusion no collusion, except when my staff met with Russians in Trump Tower. It was about adoptions, oops the emails were released. OK, it's about dirt on Clinton, but I didn't know about, uh except for when I called Jr before the meeting and dictated the excuse after the meeting. BTW, meeting with Russians isn't against the law, AND I wasn't there (if it's legal, why deny knowing about it?). Collusion is not a crime, uh, except the FBI should be investigating Clinton for her illegal collusion.

    Trump has turn supporters into brain dead bots. They don't even make sense.

    1. <_66666)├│ggggrrr g.j

  21. Whats her indian name.Lets here this there should be some good ones come up .

  22. If Davids wins the primary, Yoder will win in November in double digits.
    If Welder prevails Tuesday, Yoder will win the general in only high single numbers.
    The Democratic field is a bizarre menagerie.
    This is the 3rd Congressional District in KANSAS, not Brooklyn.
    These folks are guzzling way too much of their own KoolAid.

  23. Recent polling has Welder up by 7 points over Yoder.

    Insulting women and minorities is not a good general election strategy, even in Kansas.

    Chickens are coming home to roost in November.

  24. This is just the primary. Plenty of time for more ads to sway November voters. Lots of money to be spent. Don't watch any dark money ads (nobody is perfect) and use your head...what do they say that they stand for, what are they against, how will their wish list get made into law (who else supports it) and who is paying for it. Be a smarter citizen and don't fall for the BS in the general election in November. Remember there is no Santa Claus!

  25. ^^^ Exactly

    Yoder keeps hitting the cash advance button on the national credit card, keeps voting to raise the credit limit, and then spends some more. He's got us back to trillion dollar annual deficits. He has bankrupt Santa.

    Yoder the classic swamp politician. Makes a promise, does the opposite, then lies about it on TV. He's too chicken to show up to a townhall to lie to our faces.


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