Police Fact Check Kansas City Dude Charged With Deadly Happy Rock Hit & Run

Suburban street life report alleges a cruel scheme and disregard for human life as authorities challenge the alibi of a local driver following a horrific crash the left one man dead.


Fox4KC: Kansas City man charged in hit-and-run that killed Gladstone man


"Police tracked down 24-year-old suspect, who they say hit the victim and left the scene. When police caught up to him, court documents state he smelled like an intoxicant. He told police he had been with drinking with friends, left his car at the bar and a friend drove it home later.

"Police say that story isn't true. They say the investigation found he called a friend after the accident, and she helped him clean up and get the glass out of his hair.

"The two concocted a story that if caught, he would tell police someone stole his truck.

"The suspect is charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death. He has been given a $30,000 bond."

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  1. 30k bond means the pedestrian must have done something wrong

  2. $30K bond is a joke

  3. He has the same crazy looking eyes as the girl in Lawrence that drove into the river.

  4. Why do so many perps around here look like inbreds?


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