Parent Testimony After Shawnee Christian School Alleged Big JC Lookalike Misdeeds

The word according to locals who might have put too much faith in the styling of a local dude doppelganger for God Jr.

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Parents speak about founder of Christian school who is accused of fondling children

SHAWNEE, KS (KCTV) -- The founder of a Christian school in Shawnee has been charged with sexually abusing some of the children in his care and prosecutors believe there may be more victims. Dennis Creason worked at Oaklawn Christian School and the school's website lists him as a co-founder.


  1. Wow, you don't need a divinity degree ta' getcha some.

  2. How many young girls did he fuck, while the parents were condemning the Catholic Church? What does Billy T the Muslim ball washer think about this?

  3. Man says "God says".....

  4. Set him free so he can be with Jesus

  5. He doesn't look like JC, because Jesus wasn't a white man.

  6. Let the inmates deal with him. If they put him in general population he won't last long. Convicts don't take lightly charges dealing with minors.


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