One Year After Kansas City GO Bond Vote: Local Infrastructure Remains Old & Busted

Here's an important update regarding all election promises . . . Voters in Kansas City approved HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in taxpayer backed borrowing to fix crumbling infrastructure. Sadly, neighborhood resources for public safety still show signs of shocking neglect.

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Firefighters say 2 of 3 faulty fire hydrants closest to burning home were missing parts

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Faulty fire hydrants made fighting a fire Monday morning a difficult task for Kansas City firefighters. Crews were trying to extinguish a fire near 16th and Oakley when three hydrants near the home failed to work. According to the battalion chief on the scene, someone stole the stems off of two of the hydrants.


  1. sLIE lied......... repeatedly

  2. This is progress, moving forward, keep the momentum going, wait, what? sLIE, Troy and Go4kc have been lying to us? Who da thunk it

  3. This has been a problem going back several years. Water dept. promised to fix them, then had to hire an outside contractor to help..........and still it's a problem.

    Next up, KCMO announces water rate hike to fix fire hydrants. This will only increase the average household water bill by $1.50. The majority of you will see a significant double digit increase. TIF projects will be exempted from all water bills. Thanks for your support and don't forget to vote.

  4. Shouldn't the water department check all hydrants at least once a year ? WTF do they do ?

    1. Ive never seen a white guy on the water dept.

  5. Freudian Slip Go4KC says:

    What do you people want? Potholes filled, working fire hydrants, garbage picked up on time, etc.? Don't you people realize we have a downtown to revitalize, luxury apartments to subsidize, building a new less convenient airport, and best of all a fixed rail fair weather only streetcar. Get with the program, plebes, and stop sweating the small stuff. What's a lost house now and then compared to all the great things we're doing?


  6. Of course what did you democrat tax lovers expect?

    Why do believe everything the democratic politicians tell you?


  7. May I remind everyone, our mayor is a fat lard ass lying cocksucker?

  8. @6:52pm
    You're right, of course, that something as basic to public safety, not to mention insurance rates, as fire hydrants should be checked at least once a year.
    But that idea requires that you live in an area that has an actual operating city government that has protocols, systems, personnel, programs, and oversight in place to see that such basic services are provided.
    And departments and their management and staff are held to account for results.
    None of which apply in any way to KCMO.
    The good news is that there are 113 other municipalities in the metro.
    And the highway system is outstanding!

  9. Maybe check them everyday on the way to the Grocery?

  10. The sad thing is I’ve reported broken fire hydrants to the city and it’s taken over a year to fix them, they probably already know what’s broken. money can’t be the problem by the looks of my water bill, is sLIE stealing all that money too?

  11. The Sly "busted Infrastructure" James legacy lives on!

  12. Where is the new kc pet project shelter?

  13. Slie probably never intended to use the Go Bond funds for what they were falsely advertised. The Go Bond was a scam from day one and city hall got all of the taxpayers sucked in by offering hope and change in fixing failed infrastructure. Sadly the people never learn an just follow Slie over the cliff.


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