Old School Platte County Dude Allegedly Lacrosse'd The Line With Teen

Despite the relative safety from gunfire, it's no secret that creepers abound in the suburbs and this local dude confronts nasty charges claiming that he targeted a youngster . . . Take a look:

Former lacrosse team board member convicted after attempting to solicit sex from teen player in Platte County

A former club lacrosse team board member in Platte County, MO, has been convicted of a sex crime for attempting to solicit sex from a 17-year-old team member. James L. McEnerney, 61, of Overland Park, KS, pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct in Platte County Associate Circuit Court on July 24.


  1. The case has been on the Platte County "back burner" for a year, but we can look forward to a whole string of similar cases coming to trial and grabbing headlines as Zahnd's Campaign for re-election marches forward to November.

  2. Looks like that David Jungerman dude that killed lawyer Tom Pickett.

  3. Is the girl hot?

  4. Did he actually cross the plane or he took steps in that direction?

  5. Don't mean to sound like a juggalo but 'you fucked up"!

  6. No surprise, adults that work with children are fond of them, often too fond.

  7. Ah, yes, a resident of the exclusive Lionsgate community in south OPKS gets 2 years probation for this offense.

    In the Golden Ghetto we don't care to discuss our well-to-do neighbor's perversions, thank you very much.

    Pardon me, would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?

  8. Too bad. Prison would have introduced this dude to a whole new world of club sports.


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