Old School Kansas City Beef Leads To Murder

The local murder count defies demographic trends as this Senior on Senior crime contributes to the rising murder count. Checkit:

Convicted felon charged with fatal shooting near 33rd and Wabash

A 66-year-old convicted felon from Kansas City has been charged in connection with the August 17 murder of Morris "Mack" Clay. The Jackson County Prosecutor's Office said 66-year-old Marshall Celestine has been charged with murder second degree, armed criminal action, and unlawful possession of a firearm.


  1. mean jean will let him off with probation

  2. He will do more time in Kansas on the gun charge than he will in Missouri on the murder charge. Jean Petersucker Baker has no skill or desire to be an adequate prosecutor.

  3. Jean Petersucker Baker may not have the skill but she does try to convict criminals sometimes. If they’re white she actually gives it a shot anyway.

  4. ^^^ Got anything else?


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