Old School Downtown Kansas City Public Library Demolition Coming Soon

The hobo hangout of the past will be remade into a hotel . . . Here's the latest update:

Drury Hotels propose demolition of former Board of Education public library building

The former Board of Education public library building in downtown Kansas City has sat vacant for the past two years. Drury Hotels is interested in building a brand new hotel in that spot.


  1. Some idiot at umkc is upset that they’re tearing down this building, the same umkc that’s tearing down a beautiful building on their own campus, umkc is full of idiots

  2. It’s an uninteresting structure and it smells like urine from the hobos that hang out there. They sleep by the front doors. There was a guy a few weeks ago that literally lived in a box there. The sidewalks are falling apart. There’s nothing worth saving. I couldn’t care less about a hotel but plainly no effort’s been made to preserve this building.

  3. ^^^^^^^KC never takes care of anything. They just want to tear it down and build something brand new all the time.

  4. The building was a haven for bums (other than the school board) even when it housed the public library. The administrators did not even try to control them. Bad memories of the place, bring it down.

  5. I was homeless and lived downtown. That library was a great place to go to get out of the cold and bad weather. Before job interviews, I would use their facilities to clean up as best I could. I respected the librarians, staff, and patrons, and disguised my belongings in book bags, brief cases, and backpacks. I actually read books, newspapers, and periodicals and used their resources to get an associates degree that helped me get a better-paying job than day laborer or temp. I would also clean up there before I visited public venues like restaurants and other attractions, as I didn't want to stand out or smell like a homeless person. I met my future husband while in that predicament, and our first real date involved a trip to that library. So I have some fondness for the old building and the opportunity it provided me to lead a better life. So the "bums" comments always bum me out, as I was a well-disguised bum for quite awhile and that building was a large part of my life for some time.

  6. Oh boy another TIF . While there is not enough in the PENSION fund for the city employees / FIRE/ POLICE


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