Today a judge handed down the not-so-stunning conclusion to nasty Golden Ghetto bar talk gone horribly wrong.

End game:

"Adam Purinton, 53, of Olathe, did not speak in court Tuesday as he was sentenced for the Feb. 22, 2017, shooting at Austins Bar & Grill in Olathe, that killed Srinivas Kuchibhotla, a citizen of India who had stopped at the bar with a co-worker, Alok Madasani, both 32, for an after-work drink."

Most of these news links also namedrop Prez Trump and his "Get Out Of My Country" meme just in time for today's election. Check the politically charged reports on the slaughter that actually encouraged a great deal of Olathe unity and sympathy for the Indian Community after the deadly gunfire:

KSHB: Olathe bar shooter given 3 life sentences on federal hate crime charge

Fox4KC: Widow of man killed in Austins shooting responds to life sentences shooter received

KMBC: Witnesses said Purinton was asked to leave the bar after he verbally harassed Kuchibhotla and Madasani, at one point yelling, "Get out of my country." He later returned with a handgun and fired several times at the two men, killing Kuchibhotla and wounding Madasani. A third man who tried to intervene, Ian Grillot, also was wounded.

KCTV5: The shooting raised concerns that immigrants were facing more harassment after the election of President Donald Trump and prompted officials in India to question whether their citizens were safe in the U.S.

KMBZ: Adam Purinton already pled guilty and was sentenced in Kansas state court to 78 years, essentially life in prison, for murder and attempted murder.


  1. Bye Felicia.

    1. ^^^^^^ Don't be a douche. It's always kinda sad how these racist tough guys never seem so threatening when they get caught. I don't feel sorry for him but I understand the behavior. Some of the better reporting mentioned that his Dad recently died of cancer.

      This truism applies to all of us: Hurt people, hurt people.

  2. Sorry, 447, if everyone went out and blew people away just because they lost a loved one we'd be in worse shape than we are now.

    He's just a nasty, hateful racist.

  3. Oh, Trump is blamed for the murderous wacky whitey, huh?
    Okay, then Killa City newsies should name drop Obama when reporting on homocidal hoodrats. Choom Barry was criminals coddling with early releasing loads of prisoners, downplaying juvie crimes and their discipline problems at schools...Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Nikolas Cruz, and more.

  4. One less Trump voter on the streets. Another red-stater on the dole. Between him and the farmers we are spending billions for them to live. Somebody needs to find d some bootstraps around here.

  5. A Louisiana Negro Burned A White Baby Alive8/7/18, 5:35 PM

    There will be many more.

  6. 5:35 Are you really that stupid? Drunk? Pffft... Wow.

  7. Grow a set Kansas and hang this a-hole.

  8. Best he suck some D to use the Aryan Circle's weights to pack on some muscle fast. Best he tape a tube of lube to his lower back before leaving his cell every morning.

  9. Three life terms, and he's not even a Buddhist? What's the point?

  10. 6:04 it is a fact red states take more from the Fed than they contribute. Blue states contribute more than they take. It looks like you're a Trump cult member so go ahead and ignore the facts because I know you will.

  11. A Louisiana Negro Burned A White Baby Alive8/7/18, 7:39 PM

    This is nothing, a drop in the bucket, a "blip". Whites have watched THEIR once great cities become multicultural sewers while affirmative action and set-asides , along with constant anti-White rhetoric from the Jewish Media erodes THEIR social capital. Whites are very close to reaching critical mass and the advent of 3-D printed weapons will expedite this much needed retaking of America.

  12. Good News: Man (53 yrs. old) pleads guilty in Johnson Co.Ks
    court of.murder and is sentenced to life but won't
    be eligible for parole for 77 years..
    Today same man pleads guilty in Federal Court of 3
    (three) counts of Federal hate crimes and is
    sentenced to 3 (three) consecutive life terms to be
    served after he serves sentence in Jo.Co. case.

    Bad News:(wait for it) He has to pay $14,000.00 in restitution
    and give up his firearm

  13. He thought he was shooting Iranians. That would have been ok.

  14. I wonder what will happen to the ‘kill all white people’ Indian creek murderer. He will probably only get 20 years and probation. As the MSMs hire more #CANCELWHITEPEOPLE types, black on white hate crimes will be more common place.


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