Northland Politico Wants Supreme Repeat

Fascinating backstory here on a media struggle and competing debate regarding an exceptionally nasty topic. Read more:

Platte County Prosecutor Asks U.S. Supreme Court To Review Reprimand Of His Conduct

Platte County Prosecuting Attorney Eric Zahnd, who was reprimanded by the Missouri Supreme Court for his conduct in a child molestation case, is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review his punishment.


  1. That prick threatened witnesses with public smearing.

    Any other lawyer who had done that to a witness would have been disbarred.

  2. Witnesses that sided with the pervert.

  3. This guy doesn't fuck around like Petersucker. You commit crime in Platte County, you are in shit. Wish he was Jackson Co. prosecutor.

  4. ^^Wish you had a hobby, life, friends, better things to do, family, and a reason for living. Then, you wouldn't bore us all to death with tripe like this.

  5. Jean Petersucker Baker lacks the skill to even be an adequate prosecutor, but her main deficiency is her lack of interest in justice for crime victims.

  6. Well it cost the Platte county taxpayers $70,000.00 for the first case. The Supreme Court will surly cost much more. Oh well, Platte County has plenty of tax money and they do not have any needed services.


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