No Reason To Leave The House In KCMO: Booze Delivery Stays Winning Council Vote

An important win for homebodies and one of the very few online biz models that doesn't leverage cheap Southeast Asian labor but instead preys upon the laziness and sadness of potential customers. Read more:

Alcohol delivery to your home, legal in KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- In a unanimous vote by the Kansas City council, it is now legal to have alcohol delivered to your home. You can get just about anything delivered to your home. While legal in Missouri, a Kansas City law made it impossible for you to buy alcohol online and delivered to your home.


  1. Those old people that's son two weeks ago took their free city window ac unit last week and their car to haul it away with are stranded, hot and bumming for a drink.

  2. sLIE got his wish, he doesn’t have to leave his shining palace to get his booze anymore

  3. I'd rather the drunks have it delivered then hop in their cars and go buy it. Win / win.

    1. Agree 922. love this idea.

  4. Well damn that’s not fair to sex workers. Sex delivery is still illegal. In fact it seems highly discriminatory to women of color! We need to resist the patriarchy!

  5. When you get tired of robbing pizza there's another option. Variety is the spice of life.

    terrible idea.

  6. In the new gig economy everyone will be delivery drivers.


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